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National Junior Honor Society
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Baines Middle School National Junior Honor Society is an organization for academically achieved 8th graders of the school. To qualify for an invitation to become a member of NJHS, the student's semester average from the first semester of his/her seventh grade core classes (ELA, Math, Science and Social Studies) must be a 93% or above. Being an NJHS member is a role of leadership, character, and responsibility. NJHS members set an example to the rest of the school by becoming active parts in their community and school.
NJHS participates in various activities throughout the school and community, demonstrating their character and skill. Activities include the JDRF Walk for Diabetes, Carnation Sales, the Food Drive, and many other volunteer services.
Baines Middle School National Junior Honor Society is an organization for only the most diligent and persevering students in the school. Induction into NJHS is based on grades and conduct from a studentís 7th grade first semester. A group of selected teachers will then evaluate the student and their application. Students will be invited during the months of March or April if they meet the qualifications.

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