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 8th Grade Science - Fontejon, Anita
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Powerpoint on Seasons
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Syllabus - 8th grade Science
Christa McAuliffe M.S.
8TH Grade Syllabus
Ms. Hickey
Ms. Galloway
Mrs. Fontejon
I. Introduction: Welcome to 8th Grade Science Class!
Eighth grade is a big deal. It is the beginning of an exciting period of physical, emotional, & intellectual growth as well as increased responsibility. By the end of the year, we hope youll have an understanding of many important science concepts & will have established positive work habits that will be beneficial in your future educational journey. Our science course will touch on all five of the big science objectives:
Objective 1: Nature of Science
Objective 2: Living Systems and the Environment
Objective 3: Structures and Properties of Matter
Objective 4: Motion, Forces and Energy
Objective 5: Earth and Space Systems
These Objectives will be covered while studying the following topics:
1st 9 weeks: Safety, Scientific Processes, Earth and Space, Characteristics of the Universe, Sun, Moon and Earth
2nd 9 weeks: Earths Forces in Nature, Earth, Ocean and Weather System
3rd 9 weeks: Relationship between Force, Motion and Energy (Newtons Laws of Motion), Basic Concepts in Chemistry
4th 9 weeks: Living Systems and the Environment
Lastly and most important, 8th grade science will help you connect the relationship of the science objectives and topics to the real world around you. Our goal reaches beyond your success in 8th grade science to youre passing the EXIT level STAAR in 11th grade. Hang on, because this course will be a mix of hard work and dedication, but we hope to make it fun!
II. Text and Required Materials:
Our text book is Prentice Halls Science Explorer. The textbook is mandatory and may be picked up in the Principal Suite from Mrs. James, 8th grade Associate Principal. The textbook is also available on-line and may be accessed through Students will receive classroom code from teacher.
1. 3 Subject spiral
2. *Black or Blue pen
3. *Red Pen
4. *Glue Sticks
5. Ream of Construction Paper
6. *Colored Pencils
7. Kleenex/ Hand Sanitizer/ Lysol spray
*note: these items may have been purchases for another class and are not necessary to duplicate.
Interactive Notebook/Journal:
The students will make the 3 subjects spiral their interactive notebook. An interactive notebook is a collection of students work that includes: notes, assignments, charts/graphs, data, drawings, graphic organizers, lab reports, reflections and more.
Do not write in your spiral notebook until you are given setup instructions in class.



III. Grading
Grading Scale: Grading in FBISD is a method used to report your progress & achievement. It represents your mastery of the curriculum.
90-100 = A
80 - 89 = B
75 - 79 = C
70 - 74 = D
69 V Below = F (not achieving mastery)
Late Assignments: Students are encouraged to turn all work in on time. Make up for excused absences is for 100 % credit if done within 1 day for each day of excused absence, unless the student was present when the assignment was made, then it is due on time.
The following policy will be used for both daily and major grades.
1 day late V 15 point deduction
2 days late V 25 point deduction
3 days late V 30 point deduction
Work not turned in- 0 points until work is turned in.
In 8th grade we have adopted a policy called ZAP, Zeros Arent Permitted. When the missing assignment is turned in, at the teachers discretion, a grade will be assigned but the highest grade allowed will be a 50.
Quizzes and Exams
Each 9 weeks there will be weekly quizzes or mini-assessments, and major exams.
Students must attend tutorials to be permitted to take a retake test when a test is failed. All other tutorials are voluntary.
Tutorial Schedule (will be posted in your teachers classroom)
IV. Home Work
Work not completed in class will be homework. Each student is expected to study 30 minutes a night. Study logs will be given to each student and will be expected to be signed weekly by a parent. Students will receive incentives for completed study logs.

V. Science Fair
All 8th grade students will be required to participate in the science fair. Start thinking of your area of interest now. We will have technology tutorial to assist with science fair. More information will be provided through out semester.
VI. Parent/Teacher Communication
In order to be successful, constant communication between teacher and parent is necessary. Therefore below you will find the e-mail address for each teacher:
Parents: Please sign this form so that your child may return entire syllabus.
The syllabus will be kept in their interactive notebooks/journal for a reference.
Thank you,
8th Grade Science Teachers
Parent Signature:
Parent Contact Information:
Best time to call: _____________________
Phone Number: ______________________
Describe the 8th grade curriculum in Science and expectations from the students.