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 BIOLOGY PreAP - Winsor, Don
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Human Genetic Traits

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Modern Genetics

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All Resources

Chapter 11 Test Supplement - If you received a 74 or lower on the Chapter 11 test you may earn up to 10 additional points or a 75, which ever comes first, by answering all of these questions on separate sheets of paper. They will be due at the first on the period on the Thursday April 2, 2015.

Chapt 13 Packet -

Chapt 13 Vocabulary Packet -

Spring 2015 District Assessment Topics -

Chapter 10 Test Supplement - If you earned a 74 or lower on this test you may either earn up to 10 extra points or a 75, which ever comes first, by answering ALL of the questions on separate sheets of paper and turning them in by Monday March 18 , 2015 at the first of the period.

Chapter 11 Packet -

Chapter 11 Vocabulary Packet -

Chapter 10 Packet -

Chapter 10 Vocabulary -

Paper Plasmid -

Chapt 9 Packet -

Chapt 9 Vocab packet -

Chapt 8 Packet - Please Print. This will be due on February 4, 2015

Chapt 8 Vocabulary Packet - Please print. This will be due February 2, 2015

Chapt 7 Beyond Mendel -

Fall 2014-2015 Biology Review Answers -

Fall 2014-2015 Biology Review - Questions for the Final exam will not be taken from this review.

Mendelian Genetics -

Meiosis PowerPoint -

Cell Cycle Power Point -

Cellular Respiration PPT -

Chapter 4 Packet 1 -

Cell powerpoint -

pH Lab -

Chapter 2 Packet 2 - This is due on Thursday 9/25/2014

Chapter 2 Packet 1 - This is due at the first of the period Friday.

Basic Chemistry and Properties of Water -

Themes of Biology -

Dr. Winsor Biology PreAP Biology-Course Syllabus -

2014-2015 1st Term Calendar - Subject to change without notice

Animation of Mitosis(Web Resource) -

Biology Animations(Web Resource) - Very good site for animations

Balancing Chemical Equations Practice -

Metric conversions and Percent -

Frog internal anatomy site 1(Web Resource) -

Earthworm Dissection Packet -

Frog Dissection Packet -

Chapt 18 Packet -

Chapt 16 Packet -

Chapt 17 Packet -

Chapt 15 Packet -

Chapter 13 Packet -

Random Assortment Lab -

Chapt 11 Packet -

Gene Regulation -

Models for Exercises - Models for Paper Lab activity. Please print and bring to class

tRNA to Protein - Paper lab activity. Second part of the exercise. Pleas print and bring to class

DNA to RNA - Paper Lab Activity. First of the exercise. Please print and bring to class

Chapt 12 DNA & Protein Synthesis Packet -

Mitosis Lab Handout - Please print and bring to class.

Chapt 10 & 11-4 Packet -

Red onion skin movie(Web Resource) -

Karyotyping Activity - Paper laboratory activity.

Karyotyping Web Activity(Web Resource) -

Diffusion-Osmosis Lab -

Cell Membrane powerpoint -

Chapt 7 Cells Packet -

Animal Nutrition and Digestion -

Nervous System -

Animal Circulation -

Immune System -

Water Balance -

STAAR Quick Reference - This should give you an idea of the areas that will be covered on the Biology EOC.

Community Ecology -

Ecology -

Chapter 20 Packet -

Bacteria -

Speciation -

Patterns of Evolution -

Gene Cloning 2 -

Review for DNA and Protein synthesis -

Transcription and Translation Activity - This activity illustrates transcription and translation except that instead of using the genetic code and amino acids it uses the genetic code and words.

Whitefish Blastula - Use this picture for the lab make up

Onion Root tip - Use this picture for the lab make up

Bozeman Biology(Web Resource) - Excellent web site

Energy PowerPoint -

Animals -

Reptile and Birds PowePoint -

Mammals PowerPoint -

Arthropods, Insects, Echinoderms ppt -

Chordates, Amphibians. - Evolution of Chordates and Vertebrates

Earthworm Review(Web Resource) - Photographs of internal organs of the worm

Assignment Sheet - You must keep track of your grades and fill this out before you ask me about your grade.

Classification -

What Darwin Never Knew(Web Resource) - An excellant video aired on PBS in 2009

DNA Electrophoresis and Sequencing -

Gene Cloning and Karyotyping -

Comparison of Processes 1(Web Resource) -

Enzymes ppt -

Safety Contract - Please print, fill out and return.

Arthropods and Echinoderms -

Invertebrates -

Power Point Guidlines -

Power Point Do's and Don'ts -

Viruses -

Hardy-Weinberg ppt -

Evolution of Populations -

Geologic Time and Evolution -

Origins of Life -

Evidence of Evolution -

Darwin and Evolution -

Plasmid Map Example -

DNA Gel Electrophoresis -

Mendelian Genetics Problems -

DNA, Protein synthesis and Genetics Review Questions -

Photosynthesis PowerPoint -

Macromolecule Review -

Nucleic Acids -

Lipids -

Proteins -

Carbohydrates -

Carbon compounds -

Current Event Template - Use this template for your current events. You are required to get 14 current events per nine weeks. Use this template for your current events. This must be filled out completely.

Grades - Grades consist of at least eight Daily (Quizes, Worksheets, most Laboratory exercises, etc.) and at least three Major Grades (Exams, Projects and other designated assignments) for exch nine week period.

Earthworm Dissection(Web Resource) - Has good drawings of the earthworm

Endocrine -

Gas Exchange -

Prokaryote PowerPoint -

Bacteria Video -

Chapter 19 worksheet packet -

Modern Genetics -

Gene Cloning -

Gene linkages -

DNA Replication Slides -

Protein Synthesis powerpoint -

Protein Synthesis Transcription Animation(Web Resource) - A goodl animation of what happens during Transcription of protein synthesis

Protein Synthesis Translation Animation(Web Resource) - A good animation of what happens during translation

Chapter 9 Worksheet Packet -

Chapter 8 Worksheet Packet -

Chemistry and Magic(Web Resource) -

How Buffers Work site 1(Web Resource) -

How Buffers Work site 2(Web Resource) -

Carbon Compounds Powerpoint -

Study Skills - Please print and complete the portions described in class.

Introduction to Animals -

Biology TAKS review 3 -

Biology TAKS review 1 -

Gene Linkages -

Protein Synthesis Animation(Web Resource) - Very nice animation of protein synthesis.

DNA Replication Animation(Web Resource) - Very nice animation of DNA replication

pH, pOH defination(Web Resource) -

Proteins and Nucleic Acids -

Logarithms(Web Resource) -

Chemical Safety Symbols -

Chapter 1 packet -

Ecology Packet -

Imaging Station(Web Resource) - Good resource for stem cells, function of the circulatory system, mitosis, etc.

Frog dissection diagrams(Web Resource) -

Cell Growth Curve Activity -

Hardy-Weinberg(Web Resource) -

Hardy-Weinberg tutorial(Web Resource) -

Chapter 14 Worksheet -

Chemistry Resources(Web Resource) -

Properties of Water(Web Resource) -

Virtual Chemistry(Web Resource) -

UNC Chemistry Fundamentals(Web Resource) -

Mitosis PowerPoint - A good review of mitosis

Mitosis Tutorial(Web Resource) -

cellcycle-1-0 -

cellcycle-1-1 -

cellcycle-spindle -

Comparison of Processes 2(Web Resource) -

TAKS Practice -

Hardy-Weinberg problems -

Transgenic pig(Web Resource) -

Scientific American: Researchers Identify Human Skin Color Gene" target="_blank">(Web Resource) -

Comparing Human Traits(Web Resource) -

Genetic Engineering and its Dangers(Web Resource) -

Science and Creationism: A View from the National Academy of Sciences(Web Resource) -

Archaebacteria Kingdom (Web Resource) -

Carbon Cycle(Web Resource) -

Cladogram(Web Resource) -

Cladistics(Web Resource) - What are cladograms and how are they used?

Three Cellular Domains(Web Resource) - Describes the Archae, Eubacteria, and Eukaryota

Cellular Respiration-Good(Web Resource) - Requires Shockwave Media Player

Photosynthesis-Good(Web Resource) - Requires Shockwave Media Player

Kimball's Plant Biology Lecture Notes(Web Resource) - Excellant site

Good Site for Cell Cycle, Genetics(Web Resource) - Has some advanced information

Bacterial Identification(Web Resource) - Good site for learning bacterial identification

Biointeractive Activities(Web Resource) - Excellant anamations of many different biological processes. Ex. how certain bacteria infect humans, gene expression, laboratory techniques. etc...

DNA Replication(Web Resource) - Excellant anamation and tutorials for DNA Replication and relationship to the cell cycle and mitosis

Protein Synthesis(Web Resource) - Excellant anamations and tutorials

LIFE: The Science of Biology(Web Resource) - Excellent resource. Choose the chapter that applies to the subject of interest. Good Anamations, tutorials and quizes.

DNA from the beginning(Web Resource) - Excellent site for Mendelial and molecular genetics.

Genetics Education Center(Web Resource) -

Kimball's Biology Pages(Web Resource) - Good Biology Reference Don't be afraid to follow the links in the text

Genetic Clock(Web Resource) - Mutation rates and how they are used to determine relatedness

Blazing a genetic trail(Web Resource) -

Understanding the Immune System(Web Resource) - Good description of the human immune system

DNA and Protein Synthesis Overheads - From Various Sources

Cellular Respiration Overheads - Taken from various sources

Surface area problems -

Protist Lab -

Human Genetic Traits(Web Resource) -

Good Cell Web Site(Web Resource) -

General Descriptions of Mitosis(Web Resource) - Follow the links in this document for more information

UT Telecampus (TAKS Practice)(Web Resource) - Students should go to this web site to practice for the TAKS test. It includes all of the objectives for the Science TAKS

Gram Stain Laboratory -

DNA and Protein Synthesis - You will need these models for boh "DNA to RNA" and "tRNA to Protein"

Photo synthesis overheads - From Biological Science: A Molecular Approach. Sixth Edition

Make Up Work - If the student is absent for any reason, it is the student's responsibility to ask about class work that was missed.

Bacterial Gram Stain Appearance(Web Resource) - Click on the appropriate organism to see how they appear after Gram Staining

Gram Stain Tutorial(Web Resource) - Good Site for the Gram Stain procedure

Gram Stain-Procedure(Web Resource) -

Immune system from National Cancer Institude(Web Resource) -