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All Resources

Calendar - Calendar

Semester Exam Schedule - Semester Exam Schedule

Paul Rudolph(Web Resource) - Paul Rudolph

Calendar - Calendar

Architectural Ideas(Web Resource) - http://www.houzz.com/

My Favorites Project - The end of the year multimedia assignment.

Rubric for the favorites project - rubric used

Houzz(Web Resource) - Remodeling site.

Snow globe(Web Resource) -

Exam Schedule -

Gaggle(Web Resource) - The first letter of your first name The first 4 letters of your last name The last 2 digits of your student id The school code 001 Then add @fbisd.gaggle.net Their initial password is their student id number.

Multiple Intelligences -

Major projects - by 9 weeks for Architectural Graphics.

JourneyEd(Web Resource) - Inexpensive software for students.

Assignment Schedule - All of the assignments for the year. Some changes may need to be made.

Course Syllabus - The course syllabus.

Timeline - A timeline of architectural history.

My Favorites Assignment - the description.

Summer Camps(Web Resource) - in Architecture organized by State.

Summer Camp(Web Resource) - In Math.

Engineering Camps(Web Resource) - Engineering Camps by State.

Physics Games(Web Resource) - Build a bridge and test it.

Cool Tools(Web Resource) - to use

Occupations(Web Resource) - Current information about where the jobs will be in the future.

NAHB(Web Resource) - coloring book online http://www.nahb.org/coloringbook/

Learning Styles(Web Resource) - Take the survey to find out what kind of learning style that you have.

The Futures Channel(Web Resource) - short movies on interesting topics.

Cosanti(Web Resource) - Bronze windbells to support Arcosanti.

Wright and Soleri(Web Resource) - Two architects in Arizona.

FLW Taliesin West(Web Resource) - Scottsdale Arizona

Wright on the Web(Web Resource) -

2nd semester review cover page - An overview of the types of questions on the test.

1st semester review cover page - An overview of the types of questions on the test.

1st semester review sheet - Statements on the test from the textbook.

2nd semester review sheet - Statements on the test from the textbook.

Aboard LRO(Web Resource) - Send your name to the moon.

Career Safe Link(Web Resource) - Online course.

Bridge(Web Resource) - Information.

Build a virtual toothpick bridge(Web Resource) - online.

Britannica Online(Web Resource) - Encyclopedia Britannica

Houston Association of Realtors(Web Resource) - Look for houses for sale in the Houston area.

Bridge(Web Resource) - trusses

sculpture(Web Resource) - colored versions of classical sculpture.

Cartouche(Web Resource) - type in your name to make a cartouche.

Homes(Web Resource) - for sale around Houston.

1st Semester Review sheet - Architectural History

2nd Semester Review sheet - Architectural History

Questions(Web Resource) - that go with the spreadsheet for the model home tour.

Spreadsheet - for the model home tour.

Paper toys.com(Web Resource) - Paper cutouts of famous structures.

AIA(Web Resource) - Local winners of the AIA, Houston design award, 2003.

Kit homes(Web Resource) - from the Sears catalog.

Building styles(Web Resource) - in North America.

NASA(Web Resource) - Link to NASA

ASLA(Web Resource) - American Society of Landscape Architects.

AIA(Web Resource) - this is a link for AIAS, a student organization.

Bridges(Web Resource) - a virtual bridge site.

Roman sketch - Yang Song

Roman sketch - Primrose Cuaycong

Roman sketch - Michael Glaze

Roman sketch - Alex Pina

Roman sketch - Christian Solorio

Fred Hartman bridge(Web Resource) - in Houston, Texas.

Tensegrity(Web Resource) - Instructions on how to build one out of straws.

Tensegrity(Web Resource) - Build structures out of the barrels of pens, paperclips and rubber bands.

Toothpick bridges(Web Resource) - This site was located by Alex Pina in 1st period.

Tutorial(Web Resource) - using Inventor.

Greek sketch - Primrose Cuaycong

Greek sketch - Larry Edwards

Greek sketch - Junaid Farooki

Greek sketch - Steven Hernandez

Greek sketch - Yang Song

Greek sketch - John Sim

Greek sketch - Christian Solorio

Greek sketch - Alex Pina

Aegean Sketch - Junaid Farooki

Aegean Sketch - Jess Thunyodom

Aegean Sketch - Christian Solorio

Aegean Sketch - Antony Cherian

Aegean Sketch - Michael Glaze

Friendship Bracelets(Web Resource) - An article about the bracelets.

Friendship Bracelets(Web Resource) - Another article about the friendship bracelets.

Bridges(Web Resource) - made out of balsa wood.

Structures (Web Resource) - made out of twinkies!

Bridges(Web Resource) - made out of index cards.

Competitions(Web Resource) - tests to determine the types of forces.

Art of construction(Web Resource) - from caves to skyscrapers.

Understanding forces(Web Resource) - This website tells you about the types of forces and gives simple examples.

Bridges(Web Resource) - a good website on bridges.

Forces(Web Resource) - applied to the bridge.

Spaghetti(Web Resource) - bridges built out of spaghetti.

More spaghetti(Web Resource) - bridges....

Bridges(Web Resource) - a discussion about bridges.

Spaghetti(Web Resource) - more info and pictures about spaghetti bridges.

Spaghetti(Web Resource) - nice pictures of a spaghetti bridge competition.

Spaghetti(Web Resource) - bridges.

Spaghetti(Web Resource) - bridges-good pictures.

More(Web Resource) - spaghetti.

Spaghetti(Web Resource) - bridges and other structures.

Spaghetti(Web Resource) - a dialog.

Spaghetti(Web Resource) - an assignment sheet.

Fallingwater - A PowerPoint of the house that FLW built on the waterfall.

Constitution Day(Web Resource) - The synchronized Pledge of Allegiance will begin at 2 p.m. EDT; 1 p.m. CDT; noon, MDT; 11 a.m. PDT; 10 a.m. in Alaska; and 8 a.m. in Hawaii Sept. 17th.

Pledge Across America(Web Resource) - more information about Pledge across America.

Egyptian sketch - Primrose Cuaycong

Student of the Week, 2nd period - This site highlights a student that has exceptional work, has shown compassion by helping others, has displayed qualities of excellent leadership or is most improved.

Spaghetti(Web Resource) - The info about a competition for authentic bridges and breaking the bridges made out of spaghetti.

Spaghetti(Web Resource) - These are pictures of authentic models of famous bridges.

FLW Buildings guide(Web Resource) -

FLW Foundation(Web Resource) -

Taliesin(Web Resource) - FLW school of architecture.

FLW Links(Web Resource) - Links to anything you ever wanted to know about FLW and his structures. A really interesting one is about Fallingwater as told by Edgar Kaufmann Jr.

PBS & Ken Burns' FLW(Web Resource) - A new biography on FLW.

FLW Links(Web Resource) - links to Taliesin and other FLW sites.

FLW Bio(Web Resource) -

FLW Buildings(Web Resource) -

FLW Houses (Web Resource) - this page lists houses that are for sale.

Architectural Record(Web Resource) -

Landmarks of civilization(Web Resource) - good questions to answer.

7 wonders of the ancient world(Web Resource) - and more.

Art of Construction(Web Resource) - from caves to skyscrapers.

Vote(Web Resource) - online for the best building in America!

Architectural History(Web Resource) - A digital archive of Architecture.

Student of the Century, 1st period - This site highlights a student that has exceptional work, has shown compassion by helping others, has displayed qualities of excellent leadership or is most improved.

Construct my future(Web Resource) - Top ten construction projects of the 20th century.

National Weather Service(Web Resource) - An area Doppler radar located in Galveston.

Lectures at Rice(Web Resource) - They start at 7pm and are free.

Tutorial(Web Resource) - complete support

Ask about art(Web Resource) - A listing of art.

PowerPoint - This is a brief outline on architectural history. View at 50% to see the whole screen in the window.

Pictures - students sorting bracelets, October 1999.

Fuqua Homes(Web Resource) - this is an example of a floor plan for the major project.

Arch puzzle(Web Resource) -

Philip Johnson(Web Resource) -

National Gallery of Art(Web Resource) -

Job profiles(Web Resource) - read about your future job.

Prater's Viking/Viqueen Award - This student is a past Crown Student who has consistently shown excellent performance. Other categories of the royal court for recognition include Viprince/Viprincess, Viduke/Viduchess, and Vicount/Vicountess.

Friendship bracelets for orphans around the world.(Web Resource) - Students from Dulles have sent over 40,000 handcrafted friendship bracelets since Nov. 1999 to accompany the shoes collected. This is an excellent opportunity for community service hours for any student or organization.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art(Web Resource) -

Smithsonian(Web Resource) -

The British Museum(Web Resource) -

PBS online(Web Resource) -

Museum of Fine Arts, Houston(Web Resource) -

Palladio(Web Resource) -

American Institute of Architects(Web Resource) -

The National Trust of England(Web Resource) -

WTC(Web Resource) -

Big Buildings online(Web Resource) -

Building wonders of the world(Web Resource) -

Inside Architecture(Web Resource) -

Egyptian Museum of Cairo(Web Resource) -

History of Architecture(Web Resource) - select the time period.

Buckminster Fuller's Dymaxion house(Web Resource) -

Earthcam(Web Resource) - Live views of different locations.

Louvre Museum(Web Resource) -

Uffizi Gallery(Web Resource) -

Accademia, Firenze(Web Resource) -

Resume Writing - read information and take the quiz about writing a good resume.

Roman info @ TTU(Web Resource) - a syllabus from a course on Roman Art at Texas Tech University. It has an interesting assignment about travel and the internet.

Colleges of Architecture(Web Resource) -

Information on Architecture(Web Resource) - this site highlights research projects in Architecture of different colleges.

Architecture Week(Web Resource) -

Virtural Library of museums(Web Resource) - look up any museum on the internet.

Great Buildings online(Web Resource) -

Architects online(Web Resource) -

Texas Architecture(Web Resource) -

Rice Design Alliance(Web Resource) - A local, Houston, special interest group to preserve and promote the study of architecture that students can also join.

Art and Architectural History(Web Resource) - This is the website we use in class for research in architectural history.

Bob Vila online(Web Resource) -

Artcyclopedia(Web Resource) -

Engineering Design Graphics Dept. @ TAMU(Web Resource) -