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All Resources

January 6 - Sub-Saharan African Maps. Read and follow the attached directions.

January 6 - Students need to open the attached document, watch the assigned links, and come to class tomorrow with notes taken on the links provided. Jan-March is Arts and Entertainment; April-June is Economics; July - September is Nature and Health; October -December is Politics

Physical Geography Sites - These were used in Fall of 2015........Toporopa........ILIKE2LEARN.

Europe Cul PPT -

Online Book Access - You must email Mrs. McMahon we cannot post passwords


2014-2015 Syllabus -

2nd 9 weeks Instructional Calendar -

1st 9 weeks Instructional Calendar -



IHWH Australia -

IHWH SE Asia -


Countries NOT to know - This was updated 5 11 14

Countries to KNow - This was updated 5 11 14

Tshirt -

2014 Timeline -

2014 Theme -

Vocabulary -

Floodings of Sri Lanka -

Growing Economy of India -

Indian Holistic Medicine -

6thA -

4thA -



1stB -

Europe Economic powerpoint -

Europe Physical Powerpoint -

LA Cultural powerpoint -

LA Economic Powerpoint -

LA physical Powerpoint -

Growth of Democracy -

Resources and Land Use -

Geography and Government -

Religion Distribution Notes -

World Religion Notes -

Culture and Population Notes -

Physical Geography Videos - These are suggestions of things you can watch to get a visual representation of the ideas presented on your sheet.

NEW 6 Elements - The old one would not open - here it is in a PDF document

Vortex -

all the world at once(Web Resource) - You have to practice your spelling on this one.

New addition(Web Resource) - Spelling for countries and capitals

Updated link(Web Resource) - This is the newest Sheppard Software link. Posted 4 20 12

comments 4 9 12 - Don't forget to have tested your dvd or jump drive in advance if you have any concerns about the video working. If the video does not work when you turn it in - all members of the group will receive a late grade while it is being redone. ________________
At this time, you should be finalizing, editing, and working on Parts I, II, and III. The project is due 2 weeks from tomorrow.

addition/reminder posted 4 3 12 - You do not need to put your airline details in your video - they can be Part III of the written section you turn in on the 24th.

Final Written Assignment - We went over this in class on 3 30 12. If you have any questions, please ask.

Reminders - Every group must do Food and Transporation......the other cultural aspects are your choice.

info for 3 26 12 due date - Mrs. McMahon will be in C111 if you do not bring it to her room...... The assignment is all about timing and is it realistic. As you mention something that you are doing you should state what cultural category it falls into. (No detailed reasoning for each location is necessary) If you include extra detail ....highlight or underline the parts I have requested. You must explain why you use particular transportation methods.

Change to project 3 19 2012 - Final Script due on 4 24 2012 - I plan on redeisgning what I would like to receive....... There will be a written aspect but I don't think I like what I have asked for. If you have ideas - I will take suggestions through Monday night the 26th via email. Thanks for your help. It will be a major grade that the group shares.

addition to project 3 19 2012 - You must add credits to your video:
If you took a clip from Amazing Race - I need to know it. If you went to a St. Patrick's Day Parade or Holi - where and when. If you visited a specific restaurant - what is the name and a location.

Additional updaters on 3 19 2012 - 1. Be specific on your time frames - you flew into Houston and it took you an hour to get to Galveston and you fished for 3 hours and then..... 2. You must turn in a written description - not a video on the 26th of March.

Updates on 3 19 2011 - Reread the directions if you have not visited them in awhile.....Ask questions via email or in class, so you don't make mistakes........You may have up to 2 minutes of other video as an into/or your theme that will not count as other video.....You must be detailing what you are doing in the country - not just what is being filmed - why are you in a country for 5 days if it does not relate to your show?????....Everyone has to do transportation and food so they do not count as aspects of culutre........You should be explaining the reason for the transportation that you choose in a country......When you give your flights and times - you do not need to mention all the stops but if it takes you 15 hours you need to stay whether it is direct or has 2 stops.

Comments 3 9 12 - Be SAFE..make sure you have parental supervision if you need it....don't stress about the project over the break. If you have time, sure do some work, but the point was not to use the break to do the assignment.

....Spanish 3 students 3 9 12 - Mrs. McMahon and Mrs. Jeffery spoke about using the same restaurant. If you use Mrs. Jeffery’s restaurant in your video clip for a “Spanish” restaurant, she will help review that portion of your video for cultural accuracy.

Purpose Games(Web Resource) - This was supplied by Mayank P.

Substitutions 3/5/2012 - You may make substitutions of items in your video as long as I am given a sheet of the information in advance. Example - if you have a bird that is African and want to portray it as a South American bird - you can.
All substitutions must be given in writing when you turn the written details/description in.
Thank you to Whitney H for asking such a great question.

Activity List - Posted on 3/4/12. Read the whole sheet.

Set of Outline Maps(Web Resource) - Added in on 2/29/2012 - appears to be good practice resource.

2/28/12 - UPDATES - $, etc. - 1. Think about where you are going and what you are doing BEFORE you plan a trip across town. Do the research in advance.........2. What are the directions to where you are going? Do you trust them? What are the prices for what you plan on doing? "Don't spend $70 to get into a festival for 20 minutes worth of information"........3. Is the item you are looking for on the menu? Call and ask ?'s...........4. Price - $ - you do not need to spend money. Improvise, use pictures, make sushi out of cardboard. Don't decide to make a dish that will cost $50.........5. Send Thank You Notes to those you interviewed and who gave you extra time. You can send them to managers c/o the restaurant. -------------------------6. Take your original video and cop and then edit. You should always have a back-up in case something happens to the original. -------------7. Commercials - must be culturally sensitive and applicable. If you have questions ask.

2/24/12 - comments from class - 1. Transportation within and from country to country --------2. Watch Amazing Race on CBS Sundays at 7 PM or www.cbs.com for ideas ----------3. April 1st is the dealine for mentioning more time.--------4. No changes of countries unless your whole group meets with Mrs. McMahon to discuss why and it should be SOON. ------5. Subtitles are ok - particularly in windy sections but use judiciously/wisely. If there is too many, they may take away from the actual show. ******If you have questions ask.

Update 2/24/12 - Conversation in class on Commercials !!! - 1. You need 2 written scripts turned in on 2/29 (1 page per group)......2. What is the product, what country does it relate it........3. Where will the commercials be placed? Timing in the show......4. Each commercial should be 30 seconds to 1 minute............ - Can you do extra commercials? YES - but if you go over 45 minutes you will lose points. -------------------- All products need to be "School" and "Country" appropriate. ------You can use a video/pictures from internet sources but you MUST do the voice over (It must be your original ad - if too close to somethign online you will receive no credit) ------Only one voice is needed in the commercial, but the other partners cannot criticize it if they were not involved. ------You do NOT have to use the product in the commecial in your travel show. ----Commercials can be related to the theme of the show more than a specific country but there must be some country connection.

outline map 2 -

NAME map - 1 -

Multiple Capitals(Web Resource) - Why countries have more than one capital?

Update 2/3/12 - Advice - Please plan by setting deadlines and not procrastinating. Groups should be meeting/communicating at least once a week at this time. (I think twice is probably too much now - unless you are filming). Some advice other students suggested was to : write a detailed script in advance; don't just think stereotypes - make sure you do research.......................Make a calendar and put down all potential conflicts and then plan around them..............Keep Mrs. McMahon in the loop - I/she has been able to help solve some groups problems by addressing the issues now ................You will be grading each other as the time goes on. It will be more detailed than the basic method used in the past..............If you have questions ASK*******

Due Date 2/29/12 - The next deadline is for the written plan for your commercial: A description of your two commercials – the items and the geographical significance/relevance, where, usage, etc.

Update 2/1/12 - You may not discuss food as one of your 5 - everyone has to do food.
The list below is what is the actual assignment.
February 3rd – per group – not individual
1. Which countries will you visit?
2. Which major cities will you visit?
3. What are 5 unique aspects of Culture that you have learned about and plan to showcase?

updates 1/30/12 - Feb. 3rd assignment - For TODAY you only need to turn in 5 unique cultural aspects that have been learned so far. For the FINAL PROJECT you need to showcase 5 unique cultural aspects for EACH country you visit. If you are doing a cooking show - you must be very elaborate about your food if counting food as one of your 5 - it appears to be double-dipping.

HW - 1/27/2012 - Read the topic assigned to you. You may print it out or take notes. Be prepared to discuss your topic on Monday. If you disagree with something that you find - be able to discuss/explain why.
A-E- Judaism; F-K- Christianity; L-P- Islam; Q-T - Buddhism; U-Z - Hinduism

A second site for details(Web Resource) - This looks to be a good site as well for information. You may want to do a comparison of details.

Link to site of main sources(Web Resource) - I understand that there are many sources out there and that they do not all agree. This is a place to start and gather basic information. For each religion assigned - I found one of the links or pieces of information. You are welcome to look up other details.

Buddhism -

Judaism -

Islam -

Hinduism -

Christianity -

Updated themes 1/20/12 -

All themes as of 1/13/12 -

updates 1/12/12 - 1. You can recieve outside help to film or be extras in your video. 2. Everyone must be on camera/screen for a minimum of 5 minutes total. 3. Yes - the cities can be oustide of your 4 countries; BUT they must fit into your theme and you are giving yourself extra work. 4. You may have no more than 3 minutes of video that you do not create if your show is 30 minutes long and no more than 5 minutes if your show is 40 - 45 minutes long. 5. Central America is either North or South America.

updates 1/10/12 - Your group must travel as a group. You can end in the US but it does NOT count as 1 of the 4 countries or continents.

Ideas and Challenges from past races -

Project Basics -

Project Details 1 -

Due Dates -

Variety of shows(Web Resource) - Link to a variety of shows

Amazing Race Link(Web Resource) - This is the link to the CBS site to get details and see explanations of some of the requirements needed in your show.

5 shows you have never seen..... - These are ideas of shows that are out there. I prefer you create your own but you may use these as reference points or for ideas.

Africa Facts - Posted on 1/3/2012

Random Facts - posted on 1/3/2012.

Countries and Capitals worksheet -

Countries and Capitals map -

Europe back side -

Europe front side -

Physical Features worksheet -

Phy Features map -

Cover clarifications - Book Cover Requirements
You must have a Title. It can include the topic of your book. If it does not the topic of your book must be somewhere on the front cover.
This must be on the book in 1 of 3 different places. You have an option because some of you may have finished the cover already or have a sketch book that you cannot add a page to.
A – the cover
B – a title page – just inside your cover
C – the back cover

North America 2nd B -

Religion 6th B -

Religion 4th A -

North America 6th A -

Grading for vocab - Each group's members must reveiw the other groups vocabulary and comment on it. You will do this on your own paper and turn it in on Monday. I will put the three, four, five comments together and make that part of the grade for the vocabulary.

If you do not comment - it will affect your grade on your vocabulary list. Your comments are due on Monday.

You are looking at and commenting on the following items:
1. Did they do all the words?
2. Are the definitions understandable? Too basic, too wordy
3. Are the definitions relevant to World Geography? Do they apply to the World Geography class?
4. Do the examples explain the application of the definitions? Do you understand them? Do they make sense?

You can have criticism or comments on some words and not others
Period 1 will do Period 6, Period 2 will do Period 1, Period 3 will do Period 2, Period 4 will do Period 3, and Period 6 will do Period 4. If you have a version A - you must evaluate version A of the period assigned. If version B - you must evaluate version B of the period assigned. ****If you need to do the assignment tonight and that is not posted, you can do the alternate version of that class, BUT you must turn it in tomorrow and send me an email tonight.
All vocab is found on the Resources Page under Book Vocabulary.

Latin America 4th B -

Latin America 1st B -

Europe 2nd A -

Europe 4th A part 2 -

Europe 4th A -

Clarifications 3 - updated on 10/21 @ 10:43 AM ..... The vocabulary are NOT to be incorporated as topics or pages of your books. They are a part of the assignment but stand alone. ... Groups can mix and match parts of the different types of book formats BUT my concern is that groups will spend so much time on being creative - etc., that they will run out of steam 1/2 way through or that they will not have the actual requirements because they are concentrating so much on the art not the research. .....I added this @1:26 pm - the writing, story parts of your book, must be your words NOT those of an encyclopedia.

Group concerns - The first daily grade was returned today. Students had an opportunity to make adjustments and change their plans if necessary. .....Some students have moved out of the class. This is requiring groups to readjust. They are being reminded that they need to do this. - posted 10/21/11 @10:49 AM .... Students were told on Thursday in class to get contact information for each partner just in case of absence and illness.

Religion Vocab - Updated on 10/18/11

Clarifications 2 - Vocabulary: 1) you need to cite the sources for the vocabulary words at the bottom of the page - dictionary.com, etc. 2) Yes, your geographic reference must come from the region/religion you are assigned. 3) For religion - define sacrament, etc. - give an example.
-----------------Have fun with the project - make the words and writing something you want to be read.

Europe Vocab -

Latin America Vocab -

North America Vocab -

Clarifications 1 - - ABC"s of culture are not the topics - you would use particular words for each region/religion - Ex. T = Tuareg ---------------Vocabulary is not in the book --------Concentrate on regions not countries ------------No glitter.

Project Directions - Full directions passed out in class on 10/17/11

Colliding and Spreading Plates - 2nd period 2011

Water, Land, Air - 2nd period 2011

Earth's Structure - 4th period 2011

Climate - Elevations and Landforms - 4th period 2011

Weathering and Erosion - 1st period 2011

Water Cycle - 1st period 2011

climate - ocean and wind - 3rd period 2011

Volcanoes and Earthquakes - 6th period 2011

Weathering and Erosion - 6th period 2011

Earth Sun Relationship - 3rd period 2011

Distance and Area -

blank world physical - I was asked to put this online

blank world political - I was asked to put this online.

lat long other -

lat long good overall -

6 Elements -

lat long for math people -

25 answers -

24 answers -

23 answers -

27 answers -

26 answers -

32 answers -

28 answers -

22 answers -

21 answers -

20 answers -

19 w answers -

18 answers -

17 answers -

11 answers -

25 review -

24 review -

23 Review -

28 Review -

27 Review -

26 Review -

19 Review - Real quiz added - sorry for the mistake.

Spring Final Review 2011 -

32 Review -

22 review -

21 Review -

20 Review -

18 Review -

17 Review -

11 review -

Indies -

Brunei -

Mekong Delta -

Singapore -

North Korea Making More Waves -

Japan's Triple Disaster -

East Asian Rift -

China and Taiwan -

Tibet and China clash -

Outside Influences in SW Asia -

Iran: Nemesis or Not -

Kuwait Rises -

Euphrates -

Mubarak -

Egypt Gift of the Nile -

Dubai's Debt -

Dead Sea's Dying -

Madagascar -

Oil and Turmoil -

Global Land Grab -

Camels for Tanzania -

Kashmir 2010 -

Nepal Problems -

India's Religious Quarrels -

Role of Islam in Muslim Countries -

Tunisia -

Bethlehem -

GBR 2004 -

Christmas island tragedy -

Australia's Long Drought -

Great Barrier Reef -

Australia's Aborigines -

Australias Firestorms -

Clarifications - Yes to East Timor, No to Andorra, San Marino and Cape Verde. Serbia and Montenegro are seperate.

New game site(Web Resource) - This was found by IH and added on 5/6/2011.

Capital Cities - Make sure that if the capital says Panama "City" you include it - if not it will be wrong.

Russia and Northern Eurasia List - Bodies of Water - Amur River, Don River, Dnieper River, Lake Balkhash, Ob River, Volga River, Yenisey River, Ural River; Landforms - Altay Shan, Caucasus Mountains, Crimea, Kamchatka peninsual, Northern European Plain, Siberia, Tian Shan, Ural Mountains

Clarifications - 5/5/2011 - The Palestinian Territories will not be on the WMT - you do not need to worry about them. Kosovo is on the test. Serbia and Montenegro are separate countries. Ask by Friday.

Mapsof. net(Web Resource) - This was provided by A.K. over the weekend.

Russia and Northern Eurasia -

Sourthern Europe and the Balkans -

Northern and Western Europe -

Central Europe Map -

Africa FAQ Index(Web Resource) -

Middle East FAQ index(Web Resource) -

About Geo top 5 stories 2010(Web Resource) -

World Pop Video - This is the 2nd video we watched in class today. You should take notes on the back of the If the World were a Village sheet.

Movie clip - If the world were a village - movie clip.

PPT If the world... NonPDF - This is a second version of the PPT - non PDF version

PPT If the world - This is the ppt you are to use to finish the notes and take additional notes.

Learning Geo -

Distance and Area -

Googling Earth -

Geo by Crisis -

Rivers Run North -

A Southern Ocean -

Latitude and Longitude -

IH WH Spring 2010 -

Answers to Final Review - Spring 2010 final review answers.

matching game(Web Resource) - Another good one - from K.H.

clarifications April 2010 - Do need to know - San Marino and Cape Verde. Do NOT need to know - Gaza Strip. The capital of Myanmar is Naypyidaw and the capital of Ethiopia is Addis Ababa.

Fact Monster (Web Resource) - A great website tool for world geography information. Thank you K.H.

Game(Web Resource) - This is like free rice but more applicable to World Geography.

A fun game....but(Web Resource) - it does not relate to the world map test - it is the US - try it for fun.

Sporcle Game(Web Resource) - This link was provided by A.H. I have added it but if you cannot get to it do - www.sporcle.com and then type in countries by capitals into the search box and you will get information.

Blank Map link - provided by D.B.(Web Resource) - This link has the following choices: arab.jpg australia.jpg eastasia.jpr europe.jpg midamerica.jpg northamerica.jpg pacific.jpg political world.jpg (not a blank outline map) russia-neighbouring-countries-outline-map.gif russia.jpg russiaoutsm.gif seasia.jpg southamerica.jpg southasia.jpg subsaharaf.jpg worldmap.gif worldmap.jpg

Free Rice - working link(Web Resource) - This site allows you to do vocabulary and map skills. It is great for English and World Geography. It benefits the UN World Food Program

Bar Graph Clarifications - Bar Graph due Monday the 8th - You can do 3 different bars per country with a combined total at the bottom or 1 bar per country. Put this in acceptable Olympic order. If you put together an item that causes Mrs. McMahon to flip, you will fail.

Event Watch clarifications - Event Watch Clarifications 1. Everyone must do a-g for Curling. 2. You may choose to do a-g for: a. 2 of a Sport – Example Men’s Downhill,and Men’s Slalom (both in Alpine Skiing) b. OR c. All of Bobsleigh, Ice Hockey, Luge, Skeleton, or Ski Jumping (because they only have a small amount of events) You are encouraged to be very creative and add in additional information that highlights the events or sport you have chosen. This may determine the difference between an A or B. Statements in class today: Colorful, Neat, Detailed, Not be a list of lists, Creative, Visually Appealing Aspects

WO Clarifications - 2/19 - MAP - make sure you have TODALSIGS that apply. Medal Chart #2 - you start fresh on 2/18 and your medal chart will only include information from the 18th-22nd.
Medal Chart #3 - includes information from the whole time period - you must include a total amount to each country.
Part II - Days of the Olympic Torch Relay - when you do Day 56 if no stories appear (refresh) - change Day 100 to Day 99 - v. = #20 - the link you need to click is on the right - "About the Olympic Torch Relay" - the other direction is a misprint.

Due Dates - Friday – 2/19 – Medal Chart #1
Monday – 2/22 – WO I and Map Assignment
Tuesday – 2/23 – Song Extra Credit
Wednesday – 2/24 – WO II and Medal Chart #2
Friday – 2/26 – WO III
Monday – 3/1 – Medal Chart #3
Tuesday – 3/2 SSA Test
Wednesday – 3/3 ELA TAKS
Thursday – 3/4 Medal Bar Graph – Major Grade
Monday – 3/ 8 – Event Watch – Major Grade

Winter Olympics 2010 Part II - Passed out in class on 2/16/2010. This assignment includes parts III, IV, and V. Pay attention to the due dates.

Winter Olympics 2010 - Passed out in class on 2/16/2010. This assignment includes I and II. Pay attention to the due dates. This has the directions for the map portion which will be distributed on 2/17/2010.

Capital game for North Africa(Web Resource) - Thank you to Lauren.

new numbering -

Official website of the Olympic Movement(Web Resource) -

NBC website(Web Resource) -

Clarifications for Preview Questions - 13. Lake Placid NY should say February 4-15th, 1932
14. Which one was just before this Olympics? Country and site in the country

Preview Assignment - This is the first assignment of 2010.

Current Event -

Detailed Maps of the world 3(Web Resource) - One of my favorites - you need to click on the continent - scroll down a little and you can get individual maps in detail.

Detailed Maps of the world 2(Web Resource) - Another source. You will have to play with the site.

Detailed Maps of the world 1(Web Resource) - Students have been asking for links. This is infoplease - once you get to the page, click on a continent, and then you can go by country.

A 4th source of maps(Web Resource) -

a third source for maps(Web Resource) -

Additional blank outline maps(Web Resource) - Another source

Link to Blank Continent Maps(Web Resource) - I found this link on 11/30/2009. You may print different varieites of blank maps of the world and continents.

I have Who has - Use these to study for the test.

Region Notes - These are the summary notes of what was presented in class. You may want these in class tomorrow.

North America Maps - Map 4 - Label all categories onto the map. Answer all the ?'s. Map 5 - States - NO do not do. Major Cities - number (#) them and put the # where it goes. Major Bodies of Water and landforms - alphabetize the items (alpha) and put the letter in the appropriate place. Answer all the ?'s. Map 6 - Territories and Provinces - label; Selected cities - # and put the # in the right place, Major Bodies of Water - Alpha and put in the right place; Major Landforms-label; answer all ?'s Physical Features of North America - # each answer blank, fill-in the correct answers, put the #s in the correct location on the map.

Google Earth Tutorial - This was put together by JMZ from Google Earth. I also included the URL link. Thank you to JMZ from all of us.

Google Earth Tutorial(Web Resource) - This was put together by JMZ from Google Earth. I also included the URL link. Thank you to JMZ from all of us.

Suggested Weather and Climate Videos - These are not the ones that are required - those are on the CALENDAR page.
Some are more elementary than others but some are very fun:
1. Review: Global Regions and Weather.
2. Hands-on Weather: Part 1 - Weather Experiments.
3. Hands-on Weather: Part 2 - More Weatehr Experiments.
4. Cycles and Seasons.
5. Weather Smart: Climate
6. Weather Smart: Weather

Discovery Education Basic Log in(Web Resource) - I started with the link to the DE Video database. From here you need to enter in the login and password. These were distributed in class on Monday 9/21/2009 - I cannot post them. If you cannot find yours, please call a friend. Once you have logged in - go to the My Content, on the far right, to look for the videos I want you to watch. Remember you may have to switch pages to find the actual video. You also need to remember that you may not be able to use your "Back" button - as such you will need to use the "My Content" button or click on the video, etc.

Discovery Education Basic Log in(Web Resource) - I started with the link to the DE Video database. From here you need to enter in the login and password. These were distributed in class on Monday 9/21/2009 - I cannot post them. If you cannot find yours, please call a friend. Once you have logged in - go to the My Content, on the far right, to look for the videos I want you to watch. Remember you may have to switch pages to find the actual video.

Earth in Space - PDF Version - This reviews rotation, revolution, and a weather/climate introduciton.

Earth in Space - This reviews rotation, revolution, and a weather/climate introduciton.

Internal Forces 1009- PDF version - This reviews accretion, divergence, volcanoes, etc.

Internal Forces 2009 - This reviews accretion, divergence, volcanoes, etc.

Structure of the Earth - PDF version - This powerpoint discusses the biosphere, atmosphere, and the hydrologic cylce.

Structure of the Earth - This powerpoint discusses the biosphere, atmosphere, and the hydrologic cylce.

World Map List 2009 - This is the list you should use to do your World Map Assignment given out on 8/25/2009.

Namibia Marathon(Web Resource) - This is one of the weirdest things I have read about.

Game(Web Resource) - Another game - submitted by Shibly A.

Animaniacs Video(Web Resource) - Some think this is a great help

Funny video - I have been told there is a really funny video on You Tube of a 2 year old reciting the world capitals.
Not a study tool but a good reminder.

New Source(Web Resource) - I found a REALLY GOOD website. it has crosswords, matching, fillin the blacks, and flashcards. Its pretty cool. S.E.

New game site(Web Resource) - This was sent to me on 5/4/2009 by a former student - 8 years ago - nice of her to think of us.

"The Revenge of Geography"(Web Resource) - From Foreign Policy magazine - why you need to know about geography.

Geography Quiz PP -

Travel Pod(Web Resource) - New game -added 3rd period on 4/27/2009

Why are Europe and Asia considered two separate continents? - The ancient Greeks used the term Europa for the uncivilized (to them) area to their north. They called the vast cultured lands to their east Asia. These regional distinctions stuck.
Among continents, Europe is the odd man out. It doesn't fit a modern definition as one of the world's great landmasses but stands out as a world of its own, so it has not yet been demoted. If it is, it won't become part of Asia. Rather the name Eurasia- already in common use - will likely inherit the land.
From: Parade; 4/12/2009; Ask Marilyn

Feedback on games - Overall the feedback has been very goods. Some of the websites are challenging but they do help you to prepare for the test you will take in May. Don't hesitate to provide other sites if you find them.

World Map Games(Web Resource) - This company gets high opinions overall - there are all kinds of choices for continents.

This site is courtesy of Mrs. Psomiadis(Web Resource) - This one gets excellent reviews - challenging but you feel accomplished.

Cool site(Web Resource) - The maps change shape as you click on the tabs at the top, depending on the information you are trying to find. Thank you to Mrs. Hansen.

Game - Airline(Web Resource) - This game has you guessing where an airport is and gives you the mileage distance - the smaller the number, the closer you are.

Game - all kinds(Web Resource) - Map Quizzes for all over the world - excellent - color coded. Thank you Arjun.

Project 2009 - Grading Guidelines

SSA Project Assignments -

SSA Project Resources -

SSA Project Details -

Another resources for the test(Web Resource) - This ones is hard but good.

Timeline of the Iranian Revolution(Web Resource) - 30 years ago this week.

Mrs. McMahon's Timeline -1963 on - You may use this to reveiw for your test.

Lifting the Fog - Road to the Middle East - Project 1 - You will need a minimum of 25 items on your roadmap. 15 of the 25 need to be handdrawn.

Change for Monday's Homework - Chapter 18 questions due date has been changed to Thursday - 2/5/2009

Lifting the Fog - Day 3 - These are the points Mrs. McMahon determined from Friday. Keep in mind that we did not finish the whole movie and have a few minutes to finish on Monday. Nasser's independence; UN Resolution 242; Jordanian Civil War: Nixon in Iran; October War - Sadat - U.S. role - response by Saudi Arabia; Nixon and energy; 1974; Increase in violence; Iran - Shah and Ayatollah; Camp David Accords; Attack of nuclear reactor; assassination; Invasion of Lebanon; Treatment of Palestinians; Israel opinion; power in world; Saddam Hussein

Information on Projects - This is an option - you do not have to do the project but it will mean your test on the movie is 50% of your grade for this progress report. DUE DATE: Wednesday, February 4th when you come to the C-lab.

Lifting the Fog Infographic - Project 3

Lifting the Fog Additional Resources - These are some links that may make this topic somewhat clearer to you based on some historical reading. One of Mrs. McMahon's former students came into 4th period and shared his comments that this is such a crucial topic to understand.

Project 2 Non PDF file -

Project 1 Non PDF file -

Lifting the Fog Movie Poster - Project 2

Most Recently reported 1/29/09 working link(Web Resource) - It was reported to me at 10 PM on Thursday that this link worked.

Lifting the Fog - Day 2 - These are the points Mrs. McMahon determined from Thurs. - New countries created after WWII; Palestinian ? - Jewish and Arab reps talk to UN; 1947 - 2 state solution - rejection by India; May 14, 1948; Arab view of Israel; Dier Yassin; Oil is vital; State Dept. and oil; Saudi Arabia's leaders; Abadan refinery; Mossadiq and Shah; Nasser; John Foster Dulles; Suez Canal; Eisenhower Doctirne; United Arab Republic; Iraq and Feisal; Jordan; Kuwait's independence; Khomeini; Palestine Liberation Organization; 1967 War

Lifting the Fog - Day 1 - These are the 20 points Mrs. McMahon determined from Wed. - Forgot about history; no understanding of Arab world; WWI -context of modern Middle East; Britain and France divided the area - the lines were not natural; Discovery of oil; Promise to Arabs on independence if they fight with British and French; Balfour - National home for Jewish people; Prayers held for Jeursalem - Zion; Palestinians feel under trheat; 1919 new countries created; British - indirect control - Arab facade; French and division don't include Arab opinion; Qualifications to self-determination; Churchill and Zionist feelings; British stay in Iraq for oil; Palestinians betrayal and strike from 1936-1937; WWII - new promises of independence; FDR - Saudi Arabia vital to United States; Churchill - strategic places - keep them 1943 and 1944; Illegal Jewish Immigrants to Haifa

Remember it is important for you to know the relationship of all of these things to each other.

Inaugural Video Clips(Web Resource) - This link provides video clips - I am not sure how it will be incorporated by there may be a comparison between presidents.

Inaugural Schedule(Web Resource) - This list the activities as they begin on Sunday the 18th.

Library of Congress- Presidential Inaugurations(Web Resource) - This link provides access to words and video clips on former inaugurations. This is also a resource.

Inaugural Link(Web Resource) - This link provides basic general information on all of the inaugurations - this is a great starting point for information.

Kosovo CW - This is the CW that goes with the 1/5/09 homework.

Kosovo Reading - This is the reading for 1/5 HW.

Deleted Answers - All answers to 8, 9, 10 and LA Packet 1, 2, and 3 were deleted at 2:27 on 12/18/2008 after the test was given.

LA Packet Questions #3 - These will be distributed in class on Tuesday but are being provided for study for the CW puzzle.

LA Packet Questions 2 -

LA Packet Questions 1 -

CW details 2 - Horizontal or Vertical / clues must be written as all across first and tehn all down / You must turn in: A completed puzzle - answers, a puzzle to be done - blank with clues. The clues can be on teh back or on a seperate sheet of paper - clues may be typed but it is not necessary. Each student must turn in a pencil or handwritten form and then can type the others. / Remember words cannot intersect if they don't make words.

CW graph 2 -

CW graph 1 -

Crossword Details - Connected words - match up / no diagnols / horizontally/vertically (across and Down) / left to right and top to bottom / no spaces between words / spell out numbers / numbers must go in sequence and they can repeat / spelling must be correct / each letter goes in its own box

Soldier Information(Web Resource) - There are 2 ways - Xerox's Let's Say Thanks program and the card to the soldiers in the hospital. www.LetsSayThanks.com Or A Recovering American Soldier C/o Walter Reed Army Medical Center 6900 Georgia Avenue, NW Washington, D.C. 20307-5001

Update on Extra Credit - If you do not have travel photos of an overseas or US adventure, you may do one of the following:
Put together a movie maker video of Downtown Houston, Galveston, San Antonio, etc. Things you can concentrate on are the changes in Galveston, the architecture downtown Houston, holiday festivals - Hannukah or Christmas, the Art Car Museum, unique sites in and around Houson or the surrounding area. It is VERY IMPORTANT that you make sure that you have followed the guidelines on the Movie Maker instructions. For example - if you are doing the architecture of Downtown Houston you must have some words/phrases/music that go with the video to explain it's importance.
ASK if you have questions. You may want to look at www.discoverhoustontours.com OR www.houstondowntown.com
Mrs. McMahon has some personal photos that need to be documented if you are interested in borrowing some of those.

Latin America Map Directions - Latin America Maps 7. Put the numbers that are on the front next to the country name int eh box and put the correct number next to the capital. If a country is not numbered - ignore it. Answer all the questions on the back 8. Answer all the questions on the back 9. Answer all the questions on the back a. # the cities and place the numbers on the map i. Do not do Cholula or Culiacan ii. Add Oaxaca b. Label the Bodies of water on the map i. Do not do the Conchos or Usumacinta Rivers c. Label the landforms 10. Answer all the questions on the back a. Label the countries on the continent and the big islands b. # the small islands and entities and place the numbers on the map c. Continue numbering the cities and place the numbers on the map d. Label the Bodies of Water and Landforms 11. Answer all the questions on the back a. # the cities and place the numbers on the map b. Label the Bodies of Water and the Landforms

More comments on ABC - You may have 6 words where the letter is not the first word BUT that is the maximum.
You may type or print.
It should be Colorful and NEAT.

Additional ABC comments - The book must be put together when you enter the room. There will be no time available for glueing, pasting, tieing, etc. Your name should be on the book before you come to class.
Binding - chose any way which will keep the book together. If it falls apart, this will be a point deduction because then it is not a book. You do not have to be fancy - yarn will work.
Current Events - it would be fantastic if you could incorporate things that are currently happening. Use www.cnn.com or www.bbcnews.com and look in the world section or the section of the world where your country is located.

Comments on the ABC Project - From MONDAY - 1. Get approx. 30 ideas - good, bad, weird, unique, etc. 2. How they fit in the alphabet - A-Z - Apples -Zebras; 5 may be a letter in the middle of the word. 3. Divide what you found into chapters - a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 8 - there should be NO 1 word chapters 4. Put your chapters in order: Appearance, Communication, Vacation/Recreation, Zoology - and then within a chapter make them alphabetical - Antelope, Elephant, Zebra 5. Description - 3 to 4 sentences, typed is OK, Plagiarism is NOT - Why is it important to the country. 6. Picture - Draw all of it OR draw 1/2 of it. You may print the background and then place in part of it.

You do not need to have a Resources Page in your book.

You will not repeat the 26 letters of the alphabet. Once you have used a letter - it is gone. Ex: Apples - no longer need an A.

Pull of the Iditarod -

World Food Price Crisis -

Four World Regions of Longevity -

Hispanic Crossword -

Hispanic Political Power -

updated at 7th period 10 7 08 - This is what is due on Monday 10/13/2008. All of the part after Goolge Campus, US should be done at home and come from Google Earth 4.3. - Dallas Fort Worth is missing from the 4.3 version so I have replaced it with Las Vegas. Pay attention to the red and to the highlighted sections.

PF US and Canada updated 10 7 08 - Pay particular attention to the comments in RED

original physical features -

Hints: - Geographic Web - under the left hand tool bar - Layers - Click it OFF, particularly Panoramia - this puts too many little blocks on the page.

Physical Features US * Canada 10 3 - These are the directions for the 4.3 version and higher. You will need to go back and verify dates at home. Read for updates as of Wednesday.

North America Video Clip Topics -

Vocabulary for Culture - You will need to print and fill-in or prove your understanding of the words. You will be responsible for them on the final in January.

Extra Credit 1st 9 weeks. -

Movie Maker Extra Credit - Due January 8, 2008 and January 10, 2009.

2nd website for practice(Web Resource) - Courtesy of Caroline W.

Internal External - Power point

GITN - Geography In the News is a group of readings that provide various examples of worldwide instances of Geography. Some assignments will be done in class while others will be posted in this section and students will be expected to print and analyze the readings.

Current Event Directions 2008 - Use this format to do any and all assignments on Current Events.

China's Trade Exports -

China's Growing Economy -

3 Gorges Dam -

China and Taiwan article -

climates 4th period -

Blood Diamonds 4th(Web Resource) -

Diseases 3rd -

Wildlife 3rd -

Climate 2nd -

Corruption 4th -

Wildlife 2nd -

Internal Conflicts 4th -

Internal Conflicts 3rd -

Internal Conflicts 2nd -

RMM summary - Use this as an example to do your homework

Israel's Four Flanks -

Iran Nemesis or Not -

Great Wall of Israel -

Current Issues in SW Asia -

Media HW 1/23/2008 - You may choose to go to www.cnn.com or you may go to http://news.bbc.co.uk/ . You should read the article on Media and Bias before you begin your homework.
On the CNN website you should click on World and then Middle East. On the BBC website you should chose Middle East.
Your assignment is to write the sourcce, the title of the article and when it was last updated. You should then write a 3 to 6 sentence summary of the article. You must then answer the followign questions - Is your article biased? Wy or why not? Give reasons and specifics.

Media and Bias - This is the artilce that was referred to in class today. Read before you begin your homework.

Movie additional comments - Don't forget to save your Movie as a Movie. If you burn the CD make sure you complete the process.
If you feel that you have too many words on your pictures you may create a "script" that you turn in with your movie so that as I watch the movie with future students, I can tell them what we are observing.

Geopardy -

North America Worksheets - These worksheets were passed out in class on 11/6. If you lose one, you will need to come and get another one in B216. They are due on 11/13/2007.
1. Countries and Capitals of North America - Do the matching section. Turn over and label the Countries and their capitals on the map.
2. Physical Features of North America - number each blank, write the answer in each blank, place the # on the map side in the correct location. If it is a mountain range, you may need to write the number on the map more than once to show the length of the mountain range.

Arizona's Water Woes -

Who Chooses to be an American -

The J- Curve -

Hurricanes, Typhoons, Cyclones -

Vanishing Glaciers -

Hurricanes Tracking Hurricanes -

Hurricanes and the Coriolis Effect -

Australia's Climate Regions -

Dreaming of a White Christmas -

Expanding Deserts -

Tsunamis -

Review - Earth's Land and Water

Earthquakes - Printout for Homework 9 13 07

Lassen's Peak -

Vanuatu's volcanic archipelago -

Sicily's Famous Volcano -

A Southern Ocean -

Internal and External Forces -

Another website(Web Resource) -

Site to practice capitals(Web Resource) -

Finale - DHS - 550 Dulles Ave - Sugar Land, Texas 77478; Must give directions from IAH or HOU. Enter the building -the main doors are locked. Discover the classroom with a door facing South and the windows facing North. Home of a world of discovery, there are many visual representations of the world. Flags are important and used with many additional items to represent when the past and the present come together for the future.

AR worksheet -

Website review of locations(Web Resource) -

Countries NOT to know -

Countries TO KNOW -

Travelling Overseas(Web Resource) -

Another travel site for health(Web Resource) -

Website for Travel Vaccinations(Web Resource) - Use for the information needed.

China's Exploding Economy -

China's Growing Economy -

Chinese Territorial Claims CWP -

Chinese Territorial Claims -

7 Wonders Extra Credit Map - The map should be something you create and it should be bigger than 8 1/2 x 11 - it can be 11 x 14 or a regular size poster board.

Money Information - Africa $20 per day per person - Europe $45 per day per person - Asia - normal is $25 per day per person - Japan is $ 60 - Middle East - normal is $20 per day per person - Israel is $ 50- South America - normal is $20 per day per person - Brazil is $ 30- Australia and the Pacific Islands isis $70 per day per person -

South Asia Tear Maps - All countries
Hindu Kush
Ganges and Indus River
Deccan Plateau
Thar Desert
Indian Ocean
Bay of Bengal
Arabian Sea
Due Tuesday – 3/6
This is a major grade

GITN - Tamil Tigers -

GITN- Religion in India -

GITN - SA Woes -

GITN- Nepal -

GITN - Myanmar -

GITN - Megacities -

GITN- Jammu and Kashmir -

GITN - India -

GITN - Himalayan Dams -

GITN-Arsenic/Bangladesh -

GITN- Bangalore -

GITN- Bhutan -

GITN - Bhopal -

SA Maps - Map 31 - Cities - number; Bodies of Water - alpha; Landforms - continue the alpha.
Map 32 - Countries - Label; Cities - number; Bodies of water - label; Landforms - alpha.

Extra Credit Parent Form - Hotel Rwanda

Additioanl comments of 2/15/2007 - Use the website of CBS. You will need to go to Amazing Race/1 or 2 or whichever since the newest one begins on the 18th of February.

Update of 2/15/2007 - 1. The 2/21/2007 due date requires: 1 completed paper for each group detailing everything you do in the first 3 countries you visit from the time you leave Houston, Texas until you depart your 3rd country. This must include time, flights, transportation and activities.
2. Everything you do must have a cultural or physical geography connection. This IS World Geography. 3. You may make any changes you want at this point. 4. Each country must include either a Roadblock or a Detour - there must be 4 roadblocks and 4 detours throughout your trip. 5. You must eat a tradtional food/meal at least once a day in every country that you visit. 6. You may not eat American Food - NO McDonald's, Burger King, Taco Bell, KFC.


Dengue Fever - GITN -

Niger River -

SSA GITN Part 2 - Use the appropriate stories to answer the questions. Due on Friday, February 16, 2007

Zimbabwe - GITN -

Ethiopia - GITN -

Horn of Africa - GITN -

Liberia - GITN -

Expanding Deserts -

Namib Desert -

Homework on 2/6/2007 - Read the front and back of the paper - if you did not get the paper, the stories are online under Unit 7 Resources. Compose 5 good, detailed questions about each story. They will be due at the beginning of class on Wednesday.

Maps - Map 25 - Label the countries, you may number the cities and place the numbers on the maps, answer all the questions. Map 26 - Label the landforms and the bodies of water on the map and answer all the questions. Map 28 - Label the Countries, use numbers for the cities. Use the alphabet for the major bodies of water and continue with the alphabet for the major landforms and answer all the questions. Map 29 - Label the countries, use numbers for the cities, use the alphabet for the bodies of water and the landforms and answer all the questions. Map 30 - Label the Countries, use numbers for the cities. Use the alphabet for the major bodies of water and continue with the alphabet for the major landforms and answer all the questions.

Additional comments from class on 1/19/2007 - You may do 2 main cities instead of just 1. This means that this will be the only location you visit in that particular country. For each of those you must have a detailed city map instead of a country map. You should pinpoint on this city map, where you are planning to visit since you have chosen this city for a reason. Your connecting cities should be shown on world maps only, not the country maps. Questions will be answered if the school system is working and if Mrs. McMahon receives emails by 10 AM on Sunday. You can continue to email until 6 PM on Sunday but there is no guarantee that the emails will be answered.

AR Map - Major Grade - Due 1/22/07 - You must turn in a World Map and a map for each country you visit. Your world map must have all of the major destinations in your countries/segments/locations. If you are going to do a layover and you know what it is at this point, please indicate it. I do not need to have information other than flights or the major in/out cities on the world map unless it is obvious that you took another means of transportation or you traveled all the way across Australia. You need to have a title, orientation, date, authors, and a legend on each map. Do not hesitate to ask questions in advance. One suggested website is www.worldatlas.com - once you choose a continent, choose a country, and then choose a map. Choose the map type that best addresses this assignment. Each country map must show the locations in that country that you plan to visit and a planned route to get there. You do not have to state road by road, such as I-10, but you do need to indicate if it is by road, flight, or train. I have cut out the contintent maps that I discussed in class. Updated 1/17/07 -------You must include the route that was graded with your map. You may change the route and include a new copy as well. If this route is NOT turned in with your map, you will recieve a 20 point deduction - added 1/18/2007.

Religion Distribution Notes -

World Religion Notes -

Judaism -

AR Planning Calendars - Use these calendars to plan your events.

AR Physical/Goal Major Garde Due 4/25/2007 - Physical/Goal oriented aspect of the trip. You can do an extra video or a skit but you msut do something related to the activities/roadblocks, etc. I you have aprtners in other classes you will need to sign up to present before or after school on 4/25, 26, or 27th. If you have a study hall while your partners are in my class, you can be pulled out of study hall for the presentation.

AR Visual 4/23/2007 - You can produce iether a video or powerpoint. A video can be no more than 5 minutes. You are to do 1 or more locations for yoru project. A powerpoint must have visual images of all of the locations you went to. They should both be unique and creative. You should direct us through the powerpoint band give us the highlights without making us read information off the screen.

AR comments #1 - The plans you make need to be realistic about what you are planning and expecting to do - you cannot sleep outside an animal park in Africa waiting for it to open in the morning. Down Time is often built in - 4/12/05 episode example - sign-up for a charter flight but it does nto take off for 6 hours, so the contestants have to wait.

AR Extras - due on 4/16/2007 - Shots, Visas, Money Spent: 1. If you must get a shot for three countries, you only get it once - it will still be effective. 2. What did you spend your money on and why? In the episodes on TV, if they have a car waiting they don't pay for it - This is supplied by AR. If it is a taxi, it must be paid for.
Airline Agenda - must include airline, flight #, date, time of departure, time of arrival, and and all stopovers/delays, and mention, if necessary, the differences in time zones. No sources are necessary but if there is any doubt about your information you will have to prodice it for me.

AR Route - Daily Grade - Due 1/16/07 - You will turn in details on where you are going and how you will get there. You must begin and end in Houston, Texas.
You must go to a minimum of 1 location in 8 different countries. You must have at least 1 country in Europe, Africa, Asia, and South America. Rarely, if ever, will you stay in the major city that you land in. Most of the time you will need to travel throughout your country - where do you plan to go and how do you plan to get there?

AR General Information - You will be expected to provide the following information at least once: 1. When and where are you flying? 2. Activity Details - What is the cultural relevance of each activity? 3. Dates - You must travel between March 1st and May 10th. All festivals, etc. that you visit or participate in must occur during those dates. You cannot create your own festival or date for a festival. 4. Money - how much do you spend? You must turn in a detailed amount. 5. Amazing Race References - Roadblocks and Detours must be devised. Don't worry about Yields - who would you yield? 6. Clues - these must be well-written and sound like Amazing Race clues. 7. Transportation Used - what methods are used in each of the various countries that you travel to and through. ****8. Timing during the day - this is a major factor, how long do you think activities, travel will take. 9. Pit Stop Locations - you cannot travel all night every night for your entire trip.

AR Websites - www.sidestep.com - ariline inforamtion; www.travel.state.gov - information on Americans travelling abroad; www.lonelyplanet.com; www.fodors.com; www.frommers.com; www.ricksteves.com

AR Introduction -

Chatper 19 Questions - Due Date to be determined.

Chapter 18 Questions - Due date to be determined.

Chapter 17 Questions - Due on 1/9/2007

Latin America Tear Maps - Size - correct size in relation to one another; Location - correct location in relation to one antoher; Neatness; Labeling - clear, countries, capitals, and main bodies of water; REMEMBER - no cutting; tear only

An American Experience -

More Additions to American Experience - Please read and email if you have questions.

Additions to American Experience -

Nation hits 300 million - Today(Web Resource) -

Population - Florida(Web Resource) -

Newsweek - Should we worry?(Web Resource) -

Population Pyramids 2006 -

Culture and Population Notes -

Intro to Culture Notes -

National Parks - An additional powerpoint to do your Internal/External homework

Geography Basics - Powerpoint on spatial issues and latitutde/longitude.

Plagiarism will NOT be tolerated!!! - All work must be your own.

African Colonialism -

Post Colonial Africa -

Niger River - try 3 -

SSA Questions -

World -

South America -

North America -

Europe -

Australia -

Asia -

Africa -

Swaziland -

Rwanda -

Ivory Coast -

Horn of Africa -

Elephants -

African Overview - Use the attached item to answer the questions.

Unit 7 Questions - Due dates for the questions are on the calendar

Iraq PP - Please reveiw for the test on Monday.

Iran PP -

Article about Iranian Hostages - This information is from the Washington Post - please read.

Iran Iraq PPs - Outline for notes

Great Website on History(Web Resource) - This was provided by Naila. It has great visuals and information on agreements.

Working link to Movie(Web Resource) - After you click on this link you will need to type Intrigue in the Middle East in to the box. The movie will appear - picture of a tank. Once you press on play on the far right, you can watch it on the small screen or click and watch it full screen through Real Player.

Arab - Israeli Conflict Reading - This is a helpful tool for you to review. It might help put things into perspective.

Intrigue in the Middle East - Lifting the Fog(Web Resource) - I went to Google and typed in Lifting the Fog - this is what came up the first time. I don't have real player at school to be able to try this.

History of Palestine - Two Claims to the Land - Excellent notes on the historicla issues behind the land dispute.

GNP website(Web Resource) -

GNP definition #2(Web Resource) -

GNP definition(Web Resource) -

GNP definition(Web Resource) -

Profile of US -

Additional Websites - www.mapsofworld.com www.geographic.org www.nationmaster.com

Demographic Chart II - Use this to complete your homework on 10/12/05. This is part II.

Demographic Chart 1 - Use this to complete your homework on 10/12/05. This is part I.

Geography and Government - Please print and bring these notes ot class on October 10, 2005.

Resources and Land Use - Please print and bring these notes to class on 10/10/05

ABC's of Culture - This is the list of letters and ABC's.

Additional website help(Web Resource) - http://www.state.gov/r/pa/ei/bgn/ This site allows you to gather additional information on your country. Click on the red words and it will take you straight to the link.

Google Earth website(Web Resource) - This website appears to be very useful. You might be able to use it for your project. Thank you Garrett for sharing it with us.

Grid on Maps - Draw the grid on the page and not over the country, i.e from left to right…start it then when you hit the border of the country stop and pick up on the other side. The grid must be labelled appropriately.

CIA World Factbook(Web Resource) - http://www.cia.gov/cia/publications/factbook/index.html - click on the name in red and it will take you to the website.

Website sources for maps - The following are only suggestions:
National Geographic, Altapedia Online, CIA-World Factbook


Features of the Globe - Essential elements that you need to know.

Physical Features - This is not a comprehensive list. Please use it to remind yourself of specifics in regions of the world.