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 UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT - Stickney, Christrina
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Enrichment Activities

Electoral College Map - color the map according to the following directions. 1)If the state voted Republican or Democrat in 2004 or 2008; COLOR IT SOLID RED OR SOLID BLUE. 2) If the state changed political parties, COLOR IT PURPLE 3) If the state voted the same in 2004 AND 2008; COLOR IT RED STRIPED FOR REPUBLICANS; AND BLUE STRIPED FOR DEMOCRATS.

Wizard of Oz and Political Symbolism (Web Resource) - Article Promised in the last resource

Littlefield-Wizard of Oz Reading(Web Resource) -

Wizard of Oz Notes -

How to Write a Bill (Web Resource) -

Assignment for Texas Government - This is for those of you who missed the packet, and failed to get one during the time it was available on the lessons/homework page. It is due by Tuesday

Political Attitude and Typology Survey (Web Resource) - Take the plunge. See what thr Pew Center thinks you fit into on the liberal consevative spectrum. http://typology.people-press.org/typology/

Congress and President Crossword -