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 UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT - Stickney, Christrina
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All Resources

chapter 123 Activity Answers -

crossword answers Congressional and Presidential Powers -

2014 2nd Term Calendar - My original file was corrupted, so here is the new word document

2014 Calendar - This calendar is subject to change.

syllabus -

2014 Final Exam Review -

Chapter 8 and 9 Notes -

federalism review sheet -

Critical Period Notes -

Chapter 6 & 7 Review Answers -

2013 Federalism Review -

2012 Semester Finals Review -

Constitution Study Questions - Answers


How the Supreme Court Arrives at decison - This is the powerpoint that is needed to answers questions on your notebook quiz tomorrow

president quiz -

Answers to Study Guide for Congress Test - Please make sure you check your answer choices before checking your answers. 1. 2 Answer Choice version is on Page 1 2. 4 Answer Choice version is on Page 2

Electoral College Map - color the map according to the following directions. 1)If the state voted Republican or Democrat in 2004 or 2008; COLOR IT SOLID RED OR SOLID BLUE. 2) If the state changed political parties, COLOR IT PURPLE 3) If the state voted the same in 2004 AND 2008; COLOR IT RED STRIPED FOR REPUBLICANS; AND BLUE STRIPED FOR DEMOCRATS.

Federalism Notes -

Political Party Notes -

Conservatives v. Liberals(Web Resource) - This is the information you need for class

Constitutional Development Review Sheet -

Consitutional Development-Origin of a State/Power Organization -

The Critical Period - These are the notes from 1/5-7/2010 discussing the reasons why the 1st constitution failed and how we blossomed into our Current Constitution.

Types of Government Systems Homework - This is the homework I told you about in class XD. Make sure you complete it by tomorrow. DO NOT DO THE VOCABULARY PART!!!!! The homework is due tomorrow. You can use the related document on today's assignment, or The "Constitutional Development-Origin of a State" PowerPoint notes to help you. email me if you have an issue. I am available until 8:30pm. christrina.stickney@fortbend.k12.tx.us

Wizard of Oz and Political Symbolism (Web Resource) - Article Promised in the last resource

Littlefield-Wizard of Oz Reading(Web Resource) -

Wizard of Oz Notes -

How to Write a Bill (Web Resource) -

2012 Constitution Study Guide - Download this for class on 1/9/2012

2012 US Government Spring Calendar -

Casework Project Packet - The Packet Contains Sample Documents, a Rubric, Templates, and Directions.

who are these people - M. Answer sheet that goes along with your webquest from 4/14

Assignment for Texas Government - This is for those of you who missed the packet, and failed to get one during the time it was available on the lessons/homework page. It is due by Tuesday

Bureaucracy Notes and Thought Web - This organizes and color codes all of the bureaucratic organizations you still need to read your book chapter 15 Bureacracy all sections, but this should help you through section 2.

Electoral College Maps 2004 & 2008(Web Resource) - If you cannot see the site it is www.270towin.com

Political Attitude and Typology Survey (Web Resource) - Take the plunge. See what thr Pew Center thinks you fit into on the liberal consevative spectrum. http://typology.people-press.org/typology/

5&6 Chapter Test Reveiw - Chapter Review with answers

Money & Financing -

Nominations Process Organizer - Chapter 7 Section 1

Federalism Test Review Sheet Answers - As Promised here are the answers to the review. Please focus your study efforts on this, your notes over types of federalism and grants, and Workbook pg. 20 and the section reviews.

Semester Review Graphs - If it seems you are missing some graphs or charts on your exam reivew they are here and available in class everyday.

Electoral Process & Voter Behavior Organizer -

Congress and President Crossword -

Semester Grade Notice - Due Wednesday 5/20/09

Ch 19 Answers -

Terry v. Adams (1953) - this is the case you were reading in class today 3/26/09