Dulles Middle School
500 Dulles Ave | Sugar Land | TX | 77478
Phone: 281-634-5750 | Fax: 281-634-5781
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About Dulles Middle School
Mission Statement

Dulles Middle School encompasses students, staff, and community in an environment that strives for excellence in educating students academically, physically, and morally. Through the use of updated, as well as current curriculum and technology, this excellence will occur while providing meaningful communication in a safe, calm, and orderly environment.

Important Phone Numbers

Main School Number - 281-634-5750
Main FAX Number - 281-634-5781
Attendance Clerk, Cathy Fontenot - 281-634-5759 Clinic, Shelly Richards - 281-634-5762
Counselors' Office, Priscilla Casas - 281-634-5783
Counselors' FAX - 281-634-5816
Data Entry/Registrar, Beth Goldstein - 281-634-5784
Library, Dana Cox - 281-634-5766
Special Education, Jill Conger - 281-634-5764
Teachers' Workroom FAX - 281-634-5779

Registration Information   -Related Document

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2014-2015 Bell Schedule   -Related Document

School hours are from 8:55 A.M. to 3:55 P.M.
Students entering the building after 8:55 A.M. MUST obtain a pass from the attendance office prior to going to class.

DMS Campus Report Card   -Related Document

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Attendance Procedures 2014-2015   -Related Document

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Instructions: Dropping Off and Picking Up Students   -Related Document

Please read the attached document regarding dropping off and picking up your students.

School History

John Foster Dulles - Our school's namesake was born in Washington, DC in 1888 and was educated at Princeton University and George Washington University School of Law. He was a legal advisor to President Woodrow Wilson. He became a State Senator in 1949. President Dwight D. Eisenhower appointed him Secretary of State in 1953. He was involved in the nation's security during the Cold War. He died of cancer in 1959.
John Foster Dulles Junior High was opened in 1965 and became part of Dulles High School in 1975-76. Due to rapid growth in the area, it officially reopened in 1983 as a junior high. The name was officially changed to Dulles Middle School in the fall of 1989, and it serves grades 6 through 8. Our school is centrally located in FBISD and is part of the Dulles complex which also houses a high school, elementary school, and Rodgers Auditorium. Because of the proximity to DHS, several of our students are enrolled in high school courses, such as Spanish, Latin, French, German, and Geometry. The oldest middle school in the district, Dulles is also one of the most ethnically diverse schools in FBISD.


Mel the Viking, our DMS Mascot, designed by M. Knight.

Dulles Middle School Diversity

Asian/Pacific Islander - 24.6%
Black/Non-Hispanic - 25.2%
Hispanic - 22.6%
White/Non-Hispanic - 24.5%
Other - 3.1%