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 Computer Science I PreAP - Dumes, Sherika
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All Resources

Syallbus SY 2015-2016 - This syllabus contains all computer science classes.

w3Schools Resource(Web Resource) -

An Introduction to Pseudocode -

DOS Fundamental - Modify - Changes are indicated by the bold-green text.

The World's Billionaires(Web Resource) -

Warmup - 9/11 & 9/12 - Today we Honor the lives that were sacraficed 0n 9/11/01
There were 2977 Victims in the 9/11 Attacks. 2606 died in and near the World Trade Center, 246 on the Airplanes, 125 at the Pentagon

In a minimum of 5 sentences and no more than 7 sentences, tell me about your hero.

Sample Keyevents for game PII - Please use this code (GoodGuy.java) researched and created by Mason L. Students should create an applet called SampleProject.

Applet and HTML(Web Resource) -

Blogs -

Main Class Blog(Web Resource) -

Facts About Microsoft(Web Resource) -

National University Rankings(Web Resource) -

CHAMPs (Classroom Expectations) - The acronym CHAMPs reflects the “categories” or types of expectations that you, as a student need to understand for every major activity or transition that occurs in your classroom.

Classroom Rules - These rules are posted in the classroom.

API's and Javadoc: What are they?(Web Resource) - This link will explain the purpose and how to use the API and Java doc.

Java API(Web Resource) -

An API stands for a "Java Application Programming Interface". It is like a super dictionary of the Java language, that one uses to look something up in. It has an index or collection of all Java packages, classes and interfaces, with all of their methods, fields and constructors, and how to use them. When one programs, there are many classes that are commonly used, and therefore pre created, so that the programmer doesn't need to create them from scratch. Let's look, for example, at a computer window frame. If the programmer had to create one from scratch, he would have to write hundreds of lines of code, to create the scroll down menu, the exit box, etc. Since a window frame is very popular, Sun has written the code for one, and all that you have to do is import the package that contains the window frame, and instantiate one with a new statement.

HTML Cheat Sheet(Web Resource) -

HTML Tags(Web Resource) - BareBones

Color Chart(Web Resource) -

Flowchart Symbols - Save this file in you h drive

Pod Link(Web Resource) -

Bill Gate Homes(Web Resource) -