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 Principles of Arts, A/V Tech, & Comm 9-12 - Dumes, Sherika
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Daily Warm-up

Warmup - 9/25 & 9/29 -

You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself in any direction you choose. You're on your own, and you know what you know. And you are the guy who'll decide where to go.

  • Explain in 5-7 sentences what this quote mean to you.
    ~Dr. Seuss


  • Warmup - 9/23 & 9/24 - Search for any News or Newspaper Online - Find an article about Technology News

  • Write the article title
  • Write the URL or Address
  • Write a Summary of this article (5-7 sentences)
  • Tell why you like or did not like this article (5-7 sentences)
  • Tell if this article is about a Technology product or service (5-7 sentences).

  • Warmup - 9/19 & 9/22(Web Resource) -

    Read the article and Watch the Video. Answer the following questions

    1. Explain what you learned about hacking from the Cybersecurity?
    2. Why do these hackers do what they do?
    3. Do you think hackers add to new technology developments
    4. Within 5-7 sentences, explain how Home Depot companies were hacked and how are the planning to fix these issues?

    Warmup - 9/17 & 9/18(Web Resource) - Read the article "We're All Nerds Now" by Noam Cohen.

  • describe the new item introduced by Apple(5-7 sentences).
  • Write the define for porous, ubiquitous, and seamless.
    Visit Merriam-Webster!
  • Explain in one paragraph (5-7 sentences) why there is phenomena of nerds in the pop culture. Write if you disagree.
  • Explain who Katari Sporrong is.

  • Warmup - 9/15 & 9/16 -

    On September 8, 1940, poet Jack Prelutsky was born. He is well known for his fun and silly poems.

  • Select a topic about hardware/software and write your own poem.

  • Warmup - 9/11 & 9/12 - Today we Honor the lives that were sacraficed 0n 9/11/01
    There were 2977 Victims in the 9/11 Attacks. 2606 died in and near the World Trade Center, 246 on the Airplanes, 125 at the Pentagon

    In a minimum of 5 sentences and no more than 7 sentences, tell me about your hero.

    Warmup - Sept 8 & Sept 9, 2014 -

  • List the components of your computer at home. Tell me the name of your Operating System. List any software applications your system contain.

  • In a minimum of 5 sentences and no more than 7 sentences, tell me about Digital Citizenship.