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Local Debaters bring home national honors.

Local debaters bring home national honors
Kempner students return from Alabama Nationals tournament
June 14, 2009
Two Kempner High School students and a coach returned in June from a national speech and debate competition in Birmingham, Alabama.
Each year since 1931, the National Forensic League has been inviting top high school debaters together for an international competition in 13 speech and debate events. This year the event was held in Birmingham, Ala. from June 14 to 19, and two students from Kempner High School competed in the competition. Fort Bend ISD took a total of 13 students from Kempner, Elkins, Clements and Hightower to compete with the best of the best in the nation.
Mirza Baig, a senior this year and Hira Baig, a junior, both competed in the Public Forum debate arguing the topic of U.S. relations with Cuba. They competed against 1,195 teams from 50 states, Guam, the Virgin Islands and Saipan.
The National Forensic League also recognized Rachael Gutierrez, Kempner’s UIL Coordinator, as a "diamond key coach" due to her students' high performances over the years. Coaches receive one-tenth of their students' points, and Ms. Gutierrez former students have received over 15,000 points since she started coaching. Mr. Mason, the current debate coach, received his diamond key award last year at the Las Vegas Nationals.
"I am so proud of our team this year." said Will Mason, “The students have shown great motivation to do well and this has translated to success. Hira and Mirza exemplify what this kind of competition is all about.”

Kempner Qualifiers for TFA State Tournament

The Kempner Speech and Debate Team has qualified many students for the Texas Forensic Association State Tournament over the years and is proud to recognize them here.
Samah Lateef - 2009 Duet Acting
Hiba Siddiqui - 2009 Duet Acting
Kendrice James - 2009 Student Congress/Poetry
Mirza Baig - 2009 Public Forum
Hira Baig - 2009 Public Forum
Andy Nunez - 2008 Duet Acting
Scott Florence - 2008 Duet Acting, Humorous Interpretation
Zahra Ahmad - 2008 Student Congress
Zahra Ahmad - 2007 Student Congress
Susana Svojsic - 2007 Student Congress
Destiny Edokpa - 2007 Dramatic Interpretation
Amanda Nunez - 2007 Lincoln-Douglas Debate
Jason Cockerham - 2006 Dramatic Interpretation
Becky Scofield - 2006 Foreign Extemp and LD Debate
Nicole Sorrels - 2006 Student Congress
Adam Alonso - 2006 Domestic Extemp
Taylor Kilroy - 2006 CX Debate
Tariq Gulamhusein - 2006 CX Debate
Megha Agrawal - 2005 Student Congress
Antione Jean - 2005 Student Congress
Tariq Gulamhusein - 2005 Cross Examination Debate
Hani Mirza - 2005 Cross Examination Debate
Shireen Nasir - 2005 Lincoln-Douglas Debate
Becky Scofield - 2005 Lincoln-Douglas Debate
Simin Sun - 2004 Domestic Extemp
Becky Scofield - 2004 LD Debate
Rebekah Kratochvil - 2003 Student Congress
Katie Scofield - 2003 LD Debate
Rupak Ghandi - 2003 LD Debate
Bassam Tariq - 2003 CX Debate
Armand Jawanmardi - 2003 CX Debate

Kempner Speech and Debate qualifies for NFL Nation

June 27, 2006
Kempner High School’s speech and debate team continued it’s tradition of excellence as one member, senior Becky Scofield, qualified for the National Forensic League’s (NFL) national competition held June 18-23 in Grapevine. This was Kempner’s first time to qualify for NFL Nationals.
Scofield qualified for Student Congress to represent the South Texas District in the House. This year marks the fourth time Becky has competed at the district level.
The team took more than 20 students to the NFL district tournament, the precursor to NFL Nationals, at the University of Houston April 27-29. Approximately 30 schools were present.
“Districts is always challenging,” said Kempner speech and debate coach Will Mason. “I’m very proud of all of them. The team came together and worked very hard this year. Competing at this level is a major achievement.”
Scofield plans to attend the University of Texas at Austin next year.