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Parking Permits and Guidelines

Any student who will drive to school will need to have a parking pass.
Parking passes are $35.00 for standard parking and $50.00 for premier parking. Only one permit will be issued per student. Requirements for parking on campus include: a valid Texas Drivers License (No Permits allowed), Proof of Insurance (must show the student name as insured
driver) and no outstanding fees or fines.
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VIP Coffee

Mark your calendars for the Kempner High School VIPS Coffee on Friday, September 12th @ 10:30 AM in the library. All parents are invited to attend to learn what's happening and How to get involved! Look forward to seeing you there!

Information about Textbooks

Student textbook checkout is optional for most classes as a majority of core and elective courses have online versions of their books available for student use. Teachers in these classes will have a class set for students to use in the classroom. Any student or parent may choose to have the course textbook(s) issued to the student. A form
will be located on the school's website as well as in office 700. Textbooks will begin being issued by request beginning the second week of school.

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Info - Lockers

Information about lockers:
Lockers will be handed out by request only. Students and Parents may request a locker starting the first week of school. The locker request form will be placed on the school's website or located in room 700 by the first week of school. Lockers will be assigned within 48 hours and students will receive a notice that their locker assignment has been made.

< All pre-ordered parking passes AND those wishing to purchase a parking pass must come on the
following days:

  1. August 19th: (Tuesday): SENIORS ONLY 8:00-11:30 AM
  2. August 20th
    (Wednesday: JUNIORS ONLY
  3. August 21(Thursday):
    ALL STUDENTS 8:00-11:30 AM

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KHS School Report Card - 2012-2013

Kempner Community:

Attached is our School Report Card from the 2012-13 school year which provides data on our performance.
Click Related Document for the report card.
Thank you as always for your support.

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College & Career Center

The College and Career Center is designed to help students and parents better prepare for life after high school. The Center is open throughout the day and after school. Students and parents are welcome to use the many resources provided by the center. KHS College and Career Readiness Website