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 English IV- AP - Stevenson, Alicia
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3rd nine weeks calendar

Satire Timed Writing

2nd nine weeks calendar

AP Score Calculation worksheet

1st Nine Weeks Calendar instructions

Course Syllabus

Act III of Hamlet- 2nd period

Metamorphosis Review Questions
ch 2 and 3

Literary Devices List #1- 4th nine weeks

Novel Mini Research

Pam/ Sham Prompt

Notes on the Novel

tpcastt notes

Victorian Novel Project

Victorian Novel Choices

Notes on Romanticism

Macbeth notes

Sonnet practice

Sonnet Notes

logic notes

Satire notes

1st nine weeks calendar

ACT IV of Hamlet

Hamlet Notes

Literary Device list #2 4th 9 weeks

4th Nine weeks calendar

AP Prep

Sample timed writing- Chimney Sweep

Notes on Logic

Notes on Comedy

Linguistics Terminology

online textbook

Anglo Saxon Notes

Biography questions

Extra Credit +10 for timed writings
due May 18th

existentialism notes

Sample Structuralist Essay

Lit Crit Help

Heart of Darkness Sample Essay

Heart of Darkness Analysis

Questions on Gilbert's essay

AP literary devices- study games

pamela/ shamela essay rubric

pamela/ shamela essay

Literary Devices List #2
scroll down to see list #2

Literary Devices List #1

Notes on Romanticism

Linguistics Notes

Canterbury Tales Notes

College Application/ Cover Letter info

beowulf comic

AP Rubric