Goodman Elementary
1100 W. Sycamore | Fresno | TX | 77545
Phone: 281-634-5985 | Fax: 281-634-6000
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About Goodman Elementary
Exemplary Teaching and Learning Every Day!

Every Student, Every Chance, Every Day!

School Hours

 Grades K-5 8:10 a.m. - 3:10 p.m.

***Students may enter the building at 7:30a. m.***
(Students not in their homeroom by 8:10a. m. are counted tardy.)

Please remember that if you drive your children to and from school, you must drive through the car rider lane in front of the school building. Children are not permitted to walk across the parking lot unescorted.
School ends at 3:10pm. Parents will be contacted by the school counselor if students are repeatedly picked up late from school.

Important Parent Information

Parents, if your student is a car rider, please make sure you have a numbered car tag and your child knows the number on the tag. We ask that all of our parents remain in their cars and use the car rider tag to pick up their students at the end of the instructional day! If you are in need of a tag, please come to the front desk from 7:30a.m. to 2:30 p.m.
We have a high number of car rider students. Please be patient and stay in line on South Post Oak. Fort Bend Authorities have redirected the school's traffic to make dismissal move at a faster pace without blocking Sycamore Road. Cars are no longer allowed to turn left into the school's parking lot from Sycamore Road during afternoon dismissal.
Also important:
1. Truancy
Students who are absent must provide a written excuse by the 2nd day after returning from the absence. If the excuse note is not received by the 2nd day, the absence will be considered as UNEXCUSED. Per new FBISD policy, truacy charges will be filed by the FBISD police after the 3rd unexcused absense. Please remember that absences due to vacation travel are always considered UNEXCUSED, as detailed in the Fort Bend ISD Parent Student Handbook.
2. Tardy Arrivals
School starts promptly at 8:10. This means that all students should be in their seats in their classrooms when the bell rings. If any student is not in the building by 8:10 a.m., parents must park and come into the building to sign the child in.
3. Transportation Home Changes
Any changes to your child's regular way home must be received in writing or faxed to the school by 2:30p.m. **No changes will be made after 2:30 p.m.
4. RAINY DAY PLAN (See Rainy Day Dismissal Guidelines below...)
All walkers and bike riders must have a RAINY DAY PLAN. The Rainy Day Plan must be communicated in writing to the child's teacher.

Join the Goodman Elementary PTA!!   -Related Document

Thank you to all of the Goodman parents, family and friends who have joined the PTA. It's not too late to join. The PTA needs you. Get connected and get involved by filling out the attached form. Return the completed form AND $5 membership fee to the PTA Lockbox. (The PTA Lockbox is located on the front desk of Goodman Elementary.)
Thank you!

Clinic Reminders

Your child may not remain at school if he/she has one of the following: a fever of 100.4 or above, is suspected of having a contagious disease, vomits, has diarrhea, an undetermined rash or is feeling too badly to remain at school.
*Children should be fever-free for 24 hours before returning to school.
If medication must be given at school, it must be:
1. provided by the parents & kept in clinic
2. in original labeled container
3. accompanied by a written request that contains the name of child, physician, medication, and tells the amount, time and date it is to be given. The parent or guardian must sign this request.


In our efforts to promote a healthy environment and save trees we are starting the new school year with a recycling bin. Please bring recyclable items such as; newspapers, junk mail, office paper, food boxes (cereal, cookies, etc) and dump them in our bin. This bin is located in the teachers’ parking lot in the back area.
This program will also allow us to earn money for the purpose of acquiring important school items.
Help us in this important and meaningful cause. Teach your child the importance of recycling.

Lula Belle Goodman

Lula Belle Goodman was born and raised in Fort Bend County. After graduating from Prairie View A&M College, she received several offers to teach. She chose to return home, and to share with the children of her community her love of learning.
She taught students in Fort Bend ISD for 41 years, touching the lives of children across our district. During her career she taught at St. John’s School in Dewalt, the Oak Lane School in Arcola, New Hope School in Stafford, M.R. Wood in Sugar Land, and Lakeview Elementary in Sugar Land.
Lula Belle Goodman was the ultimate educator and caretaker of the children in her charge. In one nominating letter, a former student recalled, “She fed her students’ minds, as well as their bodies and souls. She cut wood for a fire to keep students warm and comfortable, prepared food to nourish her most hungry students, and brought clothing and shoes when students were without.”
Through three generations, Lula Belle Goodman taught the children of our community with her caring spirit, loving heart, and inspiring example. Although Ms. Goodman passed away in April of 2001, the foundations that she laid in her one-room classroom are building future generations of responsible, caring citizens.

Important Goodman Phone Numbers:

Principal- Lisa Langston- 281-634-5995
Executive Assistant- Renee Blankson- 281-634-5986
Assistant Principal- Marilyn Hinton 281-634-5987
Counselor- Alicia Nunez- 281-634-5988
Nurse- Rebecca Spidle- 281-634-5990
ADA Clerk- Normel Chatmon- 281-634-6023