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12037 Pender Lane | Meadows Place | TX | 77477
Phone: 281-634-4720 | Fax: 281-634-4734
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Dear Parents,

Meadows Elementary 2014-2015 VIP Trista Israelow more ::

CONGRATULATIONS to Trista Israelow for being named the Meadows Elementary VIP of the year. Trista was honored at the annual Partners Appreciation Luncheon held on April 14th at Safari Texas.

Pre-Kindergarten Regristration Next Week!

See the related document for registration requirements and information.
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Nutritian Nuggets Newsletter

Attached is the monthly "Nutritian Nuggets" Newsletter for parents and students. It is a health-related newsletter that relates to our school theme "Building Healthy Minds and Bodies" at Meadows Elementary!
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