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We are starting a new school year ready to learn and meet our goals.
School starts at 8:10 am. and ends at 3:10 pm.
The doors will be open at 7:30 am and students arriving after this time will be directed to the cafeteria if they are to have breakfast or to their classroom where they will be meeting their teachers to practice vocabulary words.

Be a Volunteer - Let your superheroe soar the skies
Sea un padre voluntario - Deje salir al superheroe a volar

Accountability Ratings

The Texas Education Agency believes the public has a right to know how its public schools are doing. Thanks to a decision in the 1980s to create the Public Education Information Management System, known as PEIMS, Texas has one of the largest education data bases in the world. It provides a treasure trove of information for researchers, parents and the public at large to mine and learn about the workings of 1,200 districts and charters, as well as TEA. That information and other data is used to create a number of reports that provide information about a variety of topics, such as student performance, spending and implementation of legislation.

With dedication, hard work, and teamwork Ridgegate Elementary school keep moving forward. The TEA has graded us with a "B" which show all the improvements we have been doing.
Look at the numbers below
Houston Rank:
2012- We were number 723
2013- This year we are number 342
State Rank:
2012- We were number 3702
2013- This year we are number 1371
Gains in Reading and Math
53.4% Gain in Reading and
52% Gain in Math
School Report Card 2012-2013
The state accountability ratings for Texas public schools and schools districts are now available at http://ritter.tea.state.tx.us/perfreport/account/index.html
To find the district information go to http://ritter.tea.state.tx.us/perfreport/src/2013/district.srch.html and for our school go to the Ridgegate elementary report.

Ridgegate fundraiser

We are recycling laser ink jet cartridges and old cell phones. Please support the school by bringing you old items. You achieve two great goals, saving the environment and helping the school. Thanks!

Welcome Back to school
Tardiness / Truancy Enforcement Policy

A student who is late to class ten (10) minutes or less may be assigned to detention hall for being tardy. Repeated instances of tardiness will result in a more severe disciplinary action, as outlined in the Student Code of Conduct. NOTE: The definition of truancy consists of students failing to attend school during school hours; therefore, students habitually late in arriving to school at the start of school each day may have truancy consequences imposed. For more information see page 5 of the Student/parent Handbook

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