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Travis High School Services
Academic Competitions Title (click to view)  Contacts (click to mail)
  UIL Academics 
Administrative Title (click to view)  Contacts (click to mail)
  College and Career Readiness Coordinator 
  Counselors' Suite  Evelyn Dimas, Kimberly M Johnson, Ta-Tanisha Parker, Jeanne Andrews, Carolyn Brewster
  Crime Stoppers  Officer Rafael Rincon
  Library  Carolyn.Moses
Clubs Title (click to view)  Contacts (click to mail)
    Becky Martinez
  Advanced Mathematical Decision Making  Noelle.Hodge
  Best Friends Forever 
  Bowling Club  Fred Krenek
  Chess Club  David Householder
  Creative Writing 
  Drama Club 
  French Club  
  Gaming Club  Trey Chambers
  Gay/Straight Alliance  Erik Mandaville
  Red Cross Club  Shahzeen Ali
  Spanish Club  Carolina Bolanos
  Speech & Debate Club  Laura Kennedy
  The Green Club  William King
  Travis Triathlon Team  Mat Yelvington
  Ultimate Frisbee  David Householder
Fine Arts Title (click to view)  Contacts (click to mail)
  Travis Belles Dance Team  Gina Tolar
  Travis Orchestra  Sabrina Behrens
  Travis Theatical Company 
  Travis Tiger Band   Josafat Jaime, Tiffani Reynolds
Honor Societies Title (click to view)  Contacts (click to mail)
  English National Honor Society  Cheryl Kimbrough
  French National Honors Society 
  Mu Alpha Theta 
  National Art Honor Society  Erik Mandaville
  National Honor Society  Christine Bernard
  Science National Honor Society  William King
  Spanish Honor Society  Ana Taracido
Organizations Title (click to view)  Contacts (click to mail)
    Becky Martinez
  DECA  Crystal Mills
  Fellowship of Christian Athletes  Kristin Roden, Matt Yelvington
  FFA  Heather Willis, Leslie Stanton
  Habitat for Humanity   Ana Taracido
  International Thespian Society  
  Muslim Students Association  Shahzeen Ali
  PALS  Matt Yelvington
  Student Council  Luisa Escorcia
  Technology Student Association  
  Travis Habitat for Humanity  Ana Taracido
  Travis Media Team 
  YES Program  Christine Jinks, Radhika Sharma
  Youth in Philanthropy  Becky Martinez
Parent Organizations Title (click to view)  Contacts (click to mail)
  Athletic Booster Club  
  Band/Dance Booster Club 
  Orchestra Booster Club 
  Travis Pro Grad 
Sports Title (click to view)  Contacts (click to mail)
  Girls Basketball  Wesley Stevens - Head, Linda Ezeh - Fresh
  Baseball  Barry Bynum - Var Asst., Cody Weatherly, Rodney Hernandez - Head
  Boys Basketball  Craig Brownson, Brian Martinez , Michael O'Connor, Stanley Parker - Freshmen, Wes Woodruff
  Boys Golf  Michael Pike
  Boys Soccer  Robert Chauvin
  Boys Track  Derrick Hubert, Ronald Johnson
  Cheerleading  Kim Anderson
  Girls Golf 
  Girls Soccer  Matt Yelvington - Asst
  Girls Track 
  Softball  Nicole Nelson/Varsity
  Sports Medicine  Michelle Hiett - Head Trainer
  Swimming  Christine Marsh
  Tennis  Emma McDougall
  Travis Student Athletic Trainers  Michelle Hiett
  Volleyball  Nicole Westerterp/Varsity